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Chase continues to travel through Michigan with his sons and hopes to arrive in Gilead on Wednesday. He traded some cattle with Mr. Critchfield and reunited with old friends. He assures his wife that their sons are doing very well, and also assures her that they are safe from "Indian depredation."




Henry Chase, Col. Hughs, Mr. Critchfield, Cynthia, Cole, animals, livestock, Monroe, Raisin River, Tecumseh, General Brown, Mrs. Brown, Judge Trion, Lebanon Springs, Sophia Trion, Poughkeepsie, Elisha Skinner, Miami River, Mansfield, Gilead, General Scott, Detroit, Black Hawk, Black Hawk War, Indians


Tecumseh Michigan

July 2d. 1832. 1832

My dear Wife:

It will give you pleasure to learn that both our sons and myself and Col Hughs are all well: and that our journey hath been hitherto most mercifully prosperous.

We passed Mr. Critchfield his 3 yoke of oxen Team the day after that on which we set off from home. Our old Cattle in that Team had become so lame that I was obliged to exchange them for another pair of a much larger size and very powerful & perfect in health. This enabled Mr. [Chfld] to take some more into his load from our Carriages; and thus materially lighten our burdens now proven by experience too much for our hopes in this long and very fatiguing journey. Had it not been for this we could never have proceeded. As it is Cynthia is able to get on and do her duty with Cole who proves one of the best animals we ever owned.

We purchased many things at mansfield and also at Monroe in this Territory but found our [memm.] not yet filled. Yet none of the articles which we have bought could have been displayed with.

It was my intention to have been in this place on saturday evening but the roads from Monroe up the River Raisin were so bad as to render it impossible to get further than within 11 miles of Tecumseh. We [however] set off on Sunday morning as soon as it was light and searched here long before Service time. Every one treats me with great kindness and I have many reasons to forget that I am an Exile. I preached in the School house and with the Boys drank tea at Genl. Brown’s - Mrs. Brown is the Daughter of the Late Judge Trion of Lebanon Springs and was when I was intimate in that family about 2 or 3 years old. At this time she is the mother of a Large family & has sons grown up. -- Pray have you forgotten Sophia Trion who attended the academy at Poughkeepsie? Mrs. B. is her sister, and an excellent person she appears to be.

I forgot to tell you that [Elisha] Skinner got on well with his charge and continues with Mr. Critchfield. I expect by this time they are nearly at Perrysbourg. at the mouth of Miami River (of the Lake).

I know you would be pleased that I say more of the Boys. Never did two fellows behave themselves better. Their services are invaluable to me. When we one took Henry he was overjoyed and rendered himself of immediate & essential use in purchasing articles in Mansfield. They ride alternately with me & Col.Hughs and at night Henry is my constant bedfellow. At this moment (very early on Monday morning) he is sleeping sweetly waiting my orders to start on our journey. But I find I can not get off so soon as usual having foraging grain to look up among the stores for there is none with the Inn keepers. I must get 10 or 12 Bushels ground to last the team to Gillead. I hope to arrive there on Wednesday next ---

Genl. Scott has arrived at Detroit and proceeds with his army about 5.000 infantry to Illinois to take Black Hawk dead or alive” -- if he will let him!

Depend on it there is no more danger of indian depridation [sic] on the settlements in Michigan than in Ohio.

I must now bid you adieu! May the Good God bless & protect you and the inhabitants at “the valley.’

Your affectionate Husband

Phlr. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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