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Typed copy in which Chase gives an account of the convention that resulted in his resignation. Dudley injured his leg, but after recovering for a few days, they went together to see Mrs. Russell's land.




Convention, resignation, George Chase, Mr. Sparrow, Dudley Chase, Sarah Russell, Mrs. Russell, Millersburg, Douglas William, Hamlin Geones Poss, William Sparrow, Potter & Wilms mission, Mr. Rogers, Chesapeake, Mrs. Dougby, William Acton, Columbus



Tuesday (Sep 13 1831)

Dear Sister

You know I faithfully promised to give you an acct. of all that passed in convention but how is that possible by your brother’s letter you see the result. Under the mask of doing God service what evil has not been done in the world. Poor poor George has been and is still their dupe 3 weeks before convention your brother fell through the timbers laid on the Church and lamed himself by bruising his leg in a shocking manner it confined him to the bed entirely and for 2 days I was alarmed for the consequences can you credit it that George never inquired in all this time how he did. Though I frequently met him about the house – well Wednesday came (Sept. 7) and with difficulty he was taken in a carriage to Ch his address was not delivered until the evening and then before the Convention alone _____ he threw himself on them to maintain his constitutional rights and defend him from calumny but the business had been all arranged before the leading men met it was resolved to destroy everything that looked like Episcopal authority and to exalt those who had slandered and raised themselves by crying out for the liberties of the teachers, many who attended convention wept to see the proceedings it was an infuriated set of men not more than six that led the votes of the others who were shocked to find they had been guilty of a great sin when they trusted they must be right by following men of high standing in Ch and state. They made every attempt to enter on the journals the expression of this opinion that the Bp. had not exceeded his constitutional privileges in this distressed situation held forth to the world as a tyrant and oppressor and refused the support of the convention.He felt his day of usefulness was over. How could a man accused of such crimes as Mr. Sparrow’s circular sets forth dare to appear before the world as a Bishop on a union of the charity of others. What remained for him but to resign all and thus allow[?] the fire that they had kindled to consume him for a short time I was afflicted for I feared its effect on his mind & health, but every succeeding hour has shown me that he is doing Gods will and I confidently believe and trust that we shall yet live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the Living.

Sept 20 - Monday morning

Taking Dudley and a faithful man with him he went to Millersburg to see Sarah’s (Russell) and if the situation can be made comfortable to prepare for moving soon. His health is quite good his leg healing and his mind calm and at times quite cheerful his trust in God unshaken. Bowing to this mysterious providence he blesses the hand that dispenses never did the Christian shine so bright or the men appear so dignified. Naboth’s vineyard is taken (III Kings 21) possession of(f) but he is not yet killed from the deep forest a voice will be heard. Not to complain or call down curses on his persecutors but to give that explanation that the Christian would demand. Do not grieve dear sister God is in all this and he will do right you will be anxious to know what the state of things is here. I see but little but that little tends to ruin. The Bp. before he left all that he knew to be faithful to remain they were all for leaving immediately but knowing the [immediate] ruin that must ensure he made it a test of their attachment to him that they remain and serve the cause as formerly. Who are they Douglas William, Hamlin Geones Poss, a new Agent is appointed and never did I pity a man more he seems a worthy person but is suddenly called to an office that must be distracting to him. The new president W. S. [William Sparrow] sits yet behind the screen viewing the desolation his envy has wrought. They have no means to go on or pay debts. Your brothers [?] would have done all, the public confidence they have robbed him of and they have the vanity to believe they will fill the college and prosper the Potter & Wilms mission not yet gone beyond the Chesapeake has returned $500 and promises by installments of $25 per year to accomplish all they had in heart to do. If you wish a samples of the spirit that prevailed at the convention I will give one instance – your acquaintance Mr Rogers was at the Hotel soon after the news of the resignation was known all where in tears he proposed prayers we assented to the propriety we wanted comfort said the friend who told me and know not where else to seek it. He opened the bible and to the horror of all read the 1 chapter of Acts beginning at the 15 verse, and then prayed that things might be better conducted [several?] could not remain but ran from the room and before and since he has been round us with a smiling countenance professing friendship.

Wednesday night 9 oclock

I have been very busy today Dudley returned just as I finished the enclosed sheet - he left his Father well and cheerful - There is a cabin that will afford a present shelter on the land and tomorrow Mrs. Russel and the children go - I would accompany them but can not put so much property out of my hand with out an inventory Mrs. Dougby and Wm Acton will assist me another reason why I cannot immediately leave is the trustees have not audited the accounts what is meant by this I cannot imagine. The books are made out with an exactness that will satisfy the most jealous - and when giving them up I requested the closest scrutiny they footed up the receipts but looked not on the expenditures - and left without seeing me - my sense of rights is to keep the books in my own hands and wait until the proper authority which I presume is in the Committee on Finance demand them - one live in Columbus the other in Cleveland - I have written to night to ask my husbands discretion if he assents I shall leave this Saturday morning, and take them with me. Adieu dear sister believing as you do that God does all things right you will be comforted and love us ever love to Brother & believe me as ever yours

S. M. Chase

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