Philander Chase



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Chase updates his wife on the progress of printing his pamphlet. Mr. Paxton of Canton can only print 8 pages of octavo per week, but told him that Mr. Wilson in Steubenville would be able to print more, quickly and cheaply. Chase has decided to go see Mr. Wilson.




Bethlehem, Mr. Dewalt, Mr. Dewalt's Inn, Mr. Paxton, Mr. Wilson, printing, Steubenville, Valley of Peace


Canton Wednesday 17 Jan: 1831

My Dear Wife

After the slip up I had when Dudley was present near Hunt’s Mill, I met with no material accident.

I reached Bethlehem, within 10 miles of this place, the first day; and the next, yesterday, I came thro’ the rain to the home whereI am now writing this Mr. Dewalt’s Inn & an excellent tavern it is.

I sent for the printer Mr. Paxton Editor of the Paper in this place, who after making known my desires and the nature and extent of the work, freely told me he had not the means, however desirable the job might be in point of interest and personal feelings in my favour, to accomplish it in the time I would wish. So destitute was he at this time of hands to set up & work off Jobs of this nature that the utmost he could do would be to print 8 pages of Octavo per week: and this would in his view of the quantity I had for the press occupy all his extra force for four months and upwards.

He told me moreover that, except [in] Steubenville was the only place where I could get the work done to my mind: and that Mr. Wilson of that City (Steu’lle) he knew would do it to perfection. That he had no doubt he would not only print expeditiously and cheaply but that he would make the sheets I wanted either in a quart[er] or 8[?] form appear as “Extras” of his Gazette & there by avoid the high portage of pamphlets, so that I might send weekly to all the printers in the U.S. 3 forms: or 24 pages of an octavo book every week & also what I wished to my particular Friends ~ This he said would be his advice I need not tell you that I am inclined to take it. The only pain I feel in so doing is that it will throw me so far from home and disenable me from fulfilling my appointments for preaching in the Valley of Peace. But the work before me being of so imperious a nature I must forgo these pleasing duties and obey the [dictates] of Necessity. I think I shall be in Steubenville if the Lord will by Friday night. In the meanwhile and always pray for me, and be assured of the unabated & most fervent affections of your Husband P. Chase

I can not seal this letter without entreating you and all our Dear Family to remember god’s Redeeming mercy: & to supplicate his sanctify Influences, & thus be in continual preparation to meet His Will be that for life or for death. P.C.

Letter to Sophia Chase



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