Mary Chapman



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Mary Chapman requests information from Chase regarding the death of her son, Anthony Chapman, who was a student in Gambier.




Anthony Chapman, Mr. McElroy, student death


Janeville. Athy. Dec: 23

Co. [Kildare] 1831


The feeling of a Parent; deprived by the visitation of Providence of a beloved & promising child; will I trust plead my excuse for this trespassing on your attention.

An indirect account has reached me of the death of my Son Anthony Chapman. In the letters I received from him, he spoke in the strongest terms of the high respect he entertained towards you; & of the kindness he had received from you from the time of his arrival at Gambier; Now, altho’ undertaken by Mr. McElroy, a person in whom I place full confidence from the esteem & affection my Son espoused for him; yet I, together with some friends from whom my poor Son had letters of introduction would feel much obliged by your letting me hear from you; whether, on leaving Gambier for the last time, he had drawn the whole; or what part of his money which he mentioned that he had entrusted to your [care]. Your informing me on this point & on the few following particulars, or any others with which you may be acquainted, relative to my Son would be considered by me as a particular favor. If it has been ascertained that he had medical aid in his last illness; & of what nature the disease was, of which he died. The name of the place & person at whose house he was & its distance from Gambier. I would again apologize for thus intruding upon your attention was I not well assured of your kind benevolence.

Wishing the great cause inn which you, Sir, are engaged every success. I remain Sir with gratitude & respectful esteem,

Your obliged & humble Servt

Mary Chapman

Letter to Philander Chase



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