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Lord Kenyon discusses nuances in the English and American laws of inheritance. He also feels sorry that Bp. Chase is facing troubles in Ohio, but claims that no one can help him financially.




Law of inheritance, Philander Chase


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My dearest Mr. M

I rather think I must be right in my legal interpretation for I conceive that in this country if a case was tried respecting the law of inheritance in another law of that Country wd be [?] as the [rule] of decision; [?] before the independence of Amer[ica] the law of England was the Law there, & therefore the right of inheritance there resting on a claim existing previous to the separation of the two Countries must decide the question. If the claim arises since the independence of America I shd think the English Cts wd be guided by the existing American Law of inheritance, but I fear that is not the date of the claim. The good Bp of [Isle] M should [?] distinctly how that is. I am very sorry the dear Bishop is in such difficulties at Ohio. If he wd state his pecuniary matters distinctly & his resources one wd try if one could help him again, but the state of our Country allows but little [?], to be done for another. If I had [?] 100,000 I cd well lay it out in [?] employment to thousands at [?] and wd willingly do so if any such sum were entrusted to me for such purpose. I enclose the frank you desired and remain Ever your most affecte. friend


Letter to G.W. Marriott



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