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After hearing the whole story and Chase's reply, Marriott agrees that Mr. West's actions were wrong and that Chase has good reason for his anger towards West.




Mr. West, G.M. West



9th August 1831

My dear & venerated Friend

My dear wife has written most seasonably, because her hurried husband has no time to write. In my last I reserved myself till I should have the opportunity of knowing the whole case, and your answer. I have no hesitation in saying that your defence has removed from my mind every apprehension that you would be liable to censure on any ground. It has completely changed & reversed the facts as to surprize on Mr W., and the supposed misappropriation of the Church monies. I lately read a letter from you, in which you mention with regret some temporary excess of angry feeling against your offending Chaplain. This settles the account with me. Wrath is among the works of the flesh, according to St Paul, and I saw more of this feeling in some of your communications than I looked for from you. In Xtain sincerity I expressed what I felt, as did others who venerate you not less than myself. We shall be now agreed, I have no doubt, in thinking you had more cause for anger than we supposed. Adieu! Excuse my plainness, freedom & brevity, and believe me most devotedly & affectionately yrs G.W. Marriott

Letter to Philander Chase



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