Philander Chase



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Chase worries that Dudley is mad at him because he has not heard from him in a while. Chase asks that he write him to let him know if something is wrong. He also conveys his love and appreciation for Dudley.




Olivea Chase


Gambier 15. of May 1831

Dear Brother Dudley

I have waited till my heart breaks with impatience and can wait no longer for a letter from you. “Are you” (as we used to say when we were boys) “mad at me?”

Pray write me and let me know the worst of it if anything is [amass] between us.

As to myself I never loved you better: and I would not give up the pleasure I feel in so doing for a word of what the world thinks treasure. In you I feel I have a Brother of congenial Spirit: in you I have ever found a friend in time of need: and in you I hope -- I hope to find a Brother in Christ through a blissful eternity. For this last I pray continually; being encited thereto, by that, which has seldom failed to call tears of gratitude from my eyes, viz, the assurance which you [?] gave me that you & Sister Olivea prayed for me when I was in such distress in Engd.

~ P. Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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