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Sophia hoped Chase would return yesterday, but assumes that he was delayed due to high water. She looked over the newspapers mentioned by Galindo and assures Chase that none of them contain mention of Mr. West or Kenyon College. Galindo hopes to hear from Chase soon but Sophia warns him to be careful. She also updates him on the debts owed by students.




C. Northrop, Philadelphia, Mr. Myers, Mr. Bridgman, Mr. Galindo, Mr. West, New York, Mr. Lamson, student debts


Gambier March 3d. 1831

My dear Husband,

Yesterday we looked for the return of the carriage in hopes of hearing from you, but think it must have been delayed by high water, so that in all probability some days must pass without hearing from you, but I trust you are well, and I know you are in Gods holy keeping. A note was received from C Northrop saying he had walked part of the way found from the rise of the water it would be difficult and expensive getting on, would wait two days to see if you thought it worth while to send for him, but thought it better if you could to get along without him. [Sh] send a letter from a printer from N. Phil, but spoke to Mr Myers this morning to know if he would be wanted - (Mr Bridgman is gone) but he thinks he can get out the papers with the two boys. Mr. Pore returned with 2 very fat cattle the one killed weighed 906, and he thinks the others will go over 1000, as they are very fat he thinks he had a pretty good margin for $60.00. Yesterday he was securing the ice house with chips. The boys are all well, but [?] is very ill. The Doctor attends him I believe he is a little better. Yesterday I heard of the death of Martin Father of Joe, who lives on the north section.

As I thought you would not wish the 14 newspapers sent mentioned by Mr Galindo I have looked them over carefully and find nothing relating to Mr. West or Ken. Coll. and have cut out all the advertisements that vary in wording. The editorial notice in most cases accompany them. They came tied up and sealed by Mr. Galindos seal, so that they had not been opened in NYork.

The last date is Dec. 13th as you not think Mr. G had some idea all was not well with West. I think he wishes to draw a letter from you, which he will not fail to publish, or extracts from, it. I hope you will be very careful if you write him, as he would wish I suppose to have you forbid the advertisements that of course makes him your Agent and bills will be presented for payment.

I yesterday made a cast on the debts due from Students up to the close of the term and find it rising $3000 for board and tuition set against This 2000 advance, by a note recd from Mr Lamson this morning I find, the debts due from students on the store books amount to $264.93 so that there is owing from students $3647, and over. I believe you have with you the amount of these store bills, as goods sold the students as Mr L. Tells me he gave in to you the Debts due to & from the College.

On the cash books from Sep 15 to March 10 the receipts are $2259

The expenditures 9077.

As ever your your [sic] affectionate wife Sophia M. Chase

Letter to Philander Chase



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