Philander Chase



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Bp. Philander is excited about having to pay $6,000 less and being able to push back the date of payment to a man named William [Higs?]. Bp Complains about Ohio roads and tells Dudley his travel plans in the near future.






Wheeling, Dudley Chase, Seminary, Knox County



2nd Wednesday of March 1826

Dear Brother Dudley,

I fear you have been puzzled to comprehend my incoherent note of yesterday. The fact is the event was unexpected and the hand of Divine Providence so conspicuous that while the [?] was in [?]acting I might well be excused for being a litter irregular in my expressions.

Mr. William Hogs who has answered so promptly in the negative when proposed to modify the terms as well as shorten the time of payment - Mr Hogs himself came to me the next day and with very little hesitation and as if under the influence of a Heavenly Spirit agreed to take nearly six thousand dollars less than the stipulations of the former article besides making the time of payment much more accommodating altogether as I would have wished. Now before you proceed any far further, the [?].

And now what think you of it? If the hand of God is not visible here where, in these days can we see it? If I am not thankful now, what mercies can excite my gratitude? My faith now is herein before me and I can go on my way rejoicing.

One thing I beg you to note: it is this: That should the full extent of the mercies shown me be generally known, and then the certainty of fixing on Seminary in Knox County be inferred, we should lose much perhaps by far the greater part of the subscriptions: for many more will give to accomplish an object what they would refrain from giving were they certain of its taking place without their donations. Pray therefore put the answer to the question, how I am coming on? In this shape.

It is now reduced to a moral certainty under the blessings of a kind Providence that should the subscriptions be liberally made, as on my naturally expect in a matter of much vast importance to the State of Ohio and particularly the to the middle and northern part of it the Seminary and College will be located in Knox County.

[?] only after which I wish at [?] the business may assume.


We arrived here safe I find the road thro’ Ohio unbearable, I shall therefore spend some time in [?] on the Ohio River thro’ the steamboats. Shall go the first boat to [?] - will return here in a few days - go to Marietta thence to Portsmouth (mouth of the Sailor) perhaps to Cincinnati and then wile away the time I have doing come good till the roads are better.

Always, your loving and faithful brother,

Philander Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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