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Two copied letters. The first is to James Heath, the first auditor for the Moore tract. Dudley asks him whether any sales of land in Mason County, Virginia, have been returned to the auditor's office and which sales were made for tax purposes. The second letter is to Bishop Chase, in which he incloses a copy of the letter to James Heath. Dudley is unsure if he did the right thing by writing to Heath, but hopes the information will be useful to Chase.




James E. Heath, Moore tract, Moore land, Mason County, Richmond, Virginia, James Moore, J. Moor, T. Moore and Sample, first auditor, Philander Chase



Washington Feby. 12th 1831

James E. Heath Esqr. Sir, at the instance & request of the Owners of the Tract of land situate [sic] in Mason Co. Va. originally patented to J Moor, or to J Moor & some other person, I have to enquire of you, whether any sale or sales of Lands in that Co., have been return’d to your office of 1st Auditor, & which sales were made for taxes against J Moore, or J Moor & some others. The Tract of Land patented or granted to sd. Moore was something more than 40,000 acres. If sd. Tract or any [past] [thing] has heretofore been sold for state taxes, and such sales, been returned to your Office, you will much oblige me & the Owners of the original title of sd. Tract, by informing how such sale or sales stand in your office & what rights have accrued to the purchasers under them. ---- A tract of 41,994 acres in sd. County was set to the name of T. Moore & Sample in U. States direct tax bill ---- Please, Sir, have the goodness to give me an early answer to this request, and thereby much oblidge [sic]

Your Mo. Obt.

Dudley Chase

To James Heath Esqr.

Richmond Virginia

Copy. Dear Brother, above is a copy of my letter to the Auditor. I am wholly ignorant of the [nature] of the [question] in relation to the Moore Tract. I remember of your having stated or written something to me about such a matter, last year, but have no distinct recollection about it. I am fearful I may do wrong my making enquiries about a concern of which I have no knowledge. It must, however be interesting for you to know if the Lands have been sold for state taxes as well as to know of the sales for U.S. taxes. I have therefore ventured unbidden to make enquiries as before represented to you, supposing & believing that you would be pleased to know. Have I done wrong? Do write me and relieve from disagreeable apprehension

Your affectionate Br.


Bishop Chase



Copies of letters to

B’p Chase & to

[James] E. Heath Esqr.

1st Auditor. Virginia

Letter to James Heath



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