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Chase planned to immediately set out for Pittsburgh, where he would quickly print his self-defense pamphlet against Mr. West, but he succeeded in obtaining a printer in Gambier. He wrote the pamphlet in haste to expose the improper conduct of West and his adherents, such as Mr. Taylor. He gives Dudley permission to show his letter to Mr. Taylor.




Jeremiah Taylor, Mr. Taylor, Steubenville, Pittsburgh, Mr. West, New York, Milnor Professorship, Dr. Milnor, the Acland Press


Gambier 12 Feb


Dr. Brother

When I drop this letter into the P. Office I shall (D.V.) be on my way to Steubenville and Pittsburg [sic] to get my defence agt. West printed. (We are too slow here).

The object of my writing in this hasty manner is to advertise you that Mr. Taylor and others of Wests adherents in New York who pretend to be the managers of the Milnor Professorship have in my estimation conducted very improperly, as you will see more satisfactorily by the contents forth coming but I fear not soon rough to put you on your guard about further payments.

Go and see Dr. Milnor in NYork before you pay any more & do as he says. We sent our deeds of conveyance to the M. Prof. funds at the request of [this] said Jerh. Taylor and other gentlemen [stiling] themselves “Committee of the Subscribers of the Milr. Profh. and they have given me no Receipt of the same as in good faith they were bound to do: instead of which they have signed their names to sanction Wests book of falsehood and slanders against me and Kenyon College.

I have not time to say say another word. You are at liberty if you think proper to shew this letter to Mr. Taylor or any one else

P. Chase

PS. - We have just heard that our endeavours to obtain some journeymen Printers have contrary to our expectation proved successful.

I shall stay at home & get the Pamphlet printed at “The Acland Press”

Letter to Dudley Chase



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