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In exchange for all of the newspapers Galindo has been forwarding Chase, Galindo requests more specific information about Gambier for people who might want to settle there, and inquires as to the whereabouts of many specific people who have sailed over from England. He also assures Chase that he has no association with West.




Rev. W. Ward, Mr. Wilks, G. M. West, George Montgomery West


Right Revd Sir.

On the 29th of December last, I took the liberty of addressing you thro’ the post, and forwarded 14 Provincial papers.

On the 31st Jany I forwarded 8 papers - and on the 7th of this month 5 more. I have also forwarded several letters from Bishop of Sodor and Man, and from [J.] Wilkes Esqu. I shall feel particularly obliged by your forwarding me full particulars of the State of Kenyon College, and Gambier Town, and a full account of what may be expected, by Agriculturists, Clergymen, laymen Students, Mechanics and labourers, and I would earnestly request that you will favor me with regular and frequent correspondence in order that I may satisfactorily and efficiently conduct the Agency. Also a frequent supply of Ohio papers, forwarded by hand from New York as our postage on papers is so enormous, please also state what portion of the correspondence I may make public as well as what portion I had better not.

I am in correspondence with the Right Honble Trustees, and have the thing in most efficient opperation [sic] from one end of the Kingdom to another, and only want minute information of the land, climate, rents, produce, number of inhabitants, distances from large Towns, prospects, rate of living and any other authentic particular. I could then keep the matter alive and good success is certain. Please also state the best, nearest and most economical course from Buffaloe [sic] to Gambier, if also you could give me reference to parties in New York, to whom I could consign settlers it would be highly beneficial. Have the kindness to give me very minute particulars of Mr. [Skyrme] the [Tanner] also whether you have seen the following, all of whom sailed from [Leuce]. Mr James W. [Puttem], Mr [Raworth], Mr Baker & family, Mr Barker and family, Thomas Osborne Wife and 2 Brothers., Willm Agge, Gunsmith, William [Huides], and 2 labourers, Gardners, Charles Lowerton Student, Mr [Cock] and family, Mr Day and family, Mr Clarke and family, Five young men named [Hewlap], Husbandmen, Willm Genison Miller, John Johnson Tailor, Jones and family, Weaver, and several others. I am now in negotiation with a great number of families, information is all I want, and a regular Channel of conveyance so that in New York they may not meet with persons to dissuade them from proceeding.

I take this opportunity of [stating] that I have not seen Mr West since his return, as also that I confine myself wholly and solely to the forwarding of respectable settlers, without giving my attention one moment to any other matter or difference and have nothing to do with Mr West in any way. I beg of you very respectfully not to fail [immediately] and frequently to forward any information and papers calculated to throw light on the subject, please also state whether I shall continue to forward papers to yourself.

I am

Right Revd Sir,

Very respectfully,

Your most Obedt Sevt,

Charles Galindo

Please address, Mr Galindo Liverpool only, and [?] with full accounts of Mr [Skyrme] the [Tanner].


Feby 8th 1831.

Should it come within your knowledge may I request what articles may be brought out by settlers [with] whether, Cloths or Clothing for sale [or] anything else.

Letter to Philander Chase



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