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Dudley sends Chase a copy of a letter he wrote to Mr. Jeffries. In the letters to Mr. Jeffries, Dudley asks him to verify the the history and the state of the Moore estate land, and also asks if he would be able to redeem the land and how he should make payment. In the letter to Chase, Dudley summarizes what he wrote to Jeffries.




Mason County, Virginia, Richmond, Richard Jeffries, James Moore, Gov. Tyler, taxes


Washington Feby 1st. 1831


I am inform’d by a person in interest that a tract of Land in Mason Co. Virginia, was, on 12th July 1819sold for direct taxes, and that it was purchased in behalf of the United States at the sale. I suppose the returns of the said sale are lodged in the office of the Clerk of the Federal Court in Virginia. The tract of Land to which I refer is put to the name of James Moor, or is that in which his name is concern’d. I understand that the time of redemption, accor’d by law, is nearly expired, and being requested to redeem the same by the person in in interest. I have to request that you will be so oblidging [sic] as to write me if the case is as above supposed, and to inform me if the sum which must be paid to redeem the land, say, on the 12th Feby inst, and to be pleas’d to inform what money would best suit you to receive in payt. of Tax int., & fus. Would a check from U.S. Bank [here], [on] that at Richmond, be agreeable?

With great respect I am, Sir,

Your obt. Servt.

Dudley Chase

# If the land was sold to pay all the [several] direct taxes of U.S. [assessed] during & consequent on the last War, and whether it has been sold before or since for any other taxes?

Richard Jeffries Esqr.

Clerk of the Fedl. Court

Richmond Virginia

Washington Feby 2nd 1831

Dear Brother

I wrote you, yesterday, that Gov. Tyler had inform’d me that Richard Jeffries was the Clerk of the Federal Court in Richmond Virginia. On the other side of this sheet you have a copy of a letter which I yesterday wrote to Mr Jeffries on the subject of the taxes on the Moor tract, and the sale & redemption of the same. I will not fail to inform you as soon as I receive his answer. I fear that the land has been sold at other vendues for taxes than that on those alluded to in the copy which you sent me. I hope my expected answer from Jeffries will inform me on that head.

Your [loving] Br.

D. C

Letter to Richard Jeffries



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