Philander Chase



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Chase asks his brother to read the memorandum he encloses. He has received joint power of attorney with Mr. Wilks to the Moore estate, and Addison Smith wishes to come to Gambier.




memorandum, Mr. Wilks, James Moore, Philip Moore, Addison Smith, Bloomfield, Isle of Man cases, Treaties of Nation


24. Jan.


My very Dr. Brother

I will inclose in this a Memorandum to which I beg you[‘ll] [pay] particular and immediate attention.

The time of Redemption of some lands of immense value is now nearly expired.

Whom shall I get to manage this great business? A complete power of attorney has come to me from Mr. Wilks the sole heir (in right of his Wife the widow) of James Moore: & while it was coming he informed me by a letter of quicker passage that the Heirs of Philip Moore had agreed to join in giving me the same power of attorney.

I believe I have made known to you the nature of this business & therefore speak with out explanation.

Addison Smith our honest nephew has signified his mind to me that he wishes to leave Bloomfield and come to Gambier. This opened a door for the hope that I might avail myself of his talents at investigating the night of the Isle of Man Cases (for there are many of them) ad I have written to him a hint on the subject. Still there will be two other characters wanting to perfect this plan of operation. The one an active person who can move with the [cerity] of the wind; and the other versed in the affairs and Treaties of Nations.

May I not look to you for the latter? We shall have some questions of great importance to submit to your consideration.

Pray attend to the memorandum immediately and thus much oblige

your loving Brother

Phr. Chase

Hon. D. Chase

U.S Senator

Letter to Dudley Chase



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