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Rogers is hoping to move to America and would like to join Chase's church in Ohio, but he will need money to do so.




Thomas Biddulph, St. James's Church


West Park House

[?] Bristol, England

Venerable Sir

My rever’d friend Mr Biddulph of St James’ Church Bristol having kindly complied with my wishes, I believe no apology is necessary to one of your Christian character & shall therefore without further preface to the [purport] of my present letter.

I am a Curate in the Establish’d Church of this country & have been ordain’d nearly four years. The Dioceses in which I have liv’d are York & Salisbury; from both of which I can obtain testimonials of the most unexceptionable kind; as well as from many pious Clergymen, elsewhere.

Circumstances, partly of a religious & partly of a temporal nature induce me to entertain serious thoughts of leaving my native country, America, & [having] attach’d to Episcopacy, the Church under your pastoral care, are the points to which my eye turns. My Object in intruding myself on your very valuable time & [?] consideration, is to inquire whether I could b[?] [?] [?] the Church of Ohio, & on what terms? What are the [Forms] established, if any? Is a subscription of any, & what nature, requir’d, & any other particulars which your superiour knowledge might deem important for one taking such a step as that I am purposing.

Would you add to the obligation I shall consider myself under by informing me whether, should I be admitted into your Church, I could obtain a [remuneration] sufficient to support myself & wife: & if not, whether any probability exists of success in uniting the offices of Pastor & Private Tutor, both of which I now sustain. In the latter I have been occupied six or seven years.

In begging an answer to these queries I would request one at your earliest convenience, since should I ultimately determine on what appears highly probable, my coming to America, it is my desire to leave in March, as some friends would then accompany myself & wife.

Again requesting pardon for thus troubling you,

I remain,

Rever’d Sir,

Your Obedient Friend & younger Brother in Christ,

R.V. Rogers

Letter to Philander Chase



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