Charles Galindo



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At G. M. West's request, Galindo is forwarding Chase 14 newspapers in which West's advertisement appeared. He asks Chase for letters from either himself or settlers to publish.




George Montgomery West, G. M. West, Leonard Kip, New York



Decem 30 1830

Right Reverend Sir.

I have this day taken the liberty of forwarding you 14 newspapers, according to the request of the Revd G. M. West. I have many more in which the advertizement [sic] has appeared and I can truly say the whole country is deluged with information.

I am very much at a loss for information from you or Revd. G M West - if you will favor me with letters I will publish extracts from them, or if you can induce settlers to send back satisfactory accounts extracts of them should appear. If all reasonable expectations are realized I shall send out a great many in the spring. I have already forwarded a great many at least 100, many of whom have good property with them.

Pray be kind enough to send me papers and letters and if you can some person or persons names in New York to whom I may refer settlers, as I am very fearful of tiring the patience and tresspassing [sic] upon the time of Leonard Kip Esqr.

You may fully rely upon my interest and unwearied exertions.

May I beg the favor of you to present my sincere regards to Revd. G. M. West.

I am.

Right Revd. Sir

[Very] respectfully.

Your most [Bld. & kind] Sert.

Charles Galindo

Letter to Philander Chase



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