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A one page letter written by Dudley Chase addressed to George Chase that explains the contents of a packet and about one of his friends that would like to meet George.




Marble; Packet; General Watson; Virginia; Maryland; Taste


Dear George

When you read in the enclosed paper the description of the variegated marble found in immense quantities in Virginia and Maryland you will [?] [?] the reason of my sen[d]ing you this packet. Knowing your taste for compositions of this kind and your love for specimens I readily concluded that [?] might furnish you a moment of diversion from the labors that engage your attention [at] your father’s great table. And now while my hand is in, I will post mention, that my friend Gen[era]l Watson of New Jersey, [to] whom I have had the temerity to introduce you thro[ugh] the [modicum] of some of your letters, has been pleased to express his high appreciation of the [genius] taste and [spirit] there is displayed, and to request his [compliments] and expressing a wish for a personal acquaintance at some future day.

Yours, most cordially,

Dudley Chase

Jan[uar]y 24th 12 o’clock at night

Letter to George Chase



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