Lord Kenyon



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Kenyon updates Chase on his family and discusses Mr. West, with whom he is disappointed for leaving Chase but wishes the best for.




Margaret Kenyon, Marianne Kenyon, Dr. Gaskin, Bishop Ward, Mr. West, Bishop Majendie, Bangor, G.W. Marriott, Mrs. Marriott, Lloyd Kenyon



Sept’r. 27


My dearest Bishop

I hope we may conclude you are well from your kind letter of 3rd Aug’st just received. You must however if you can spare time, tell us more about yourself & of your family so dear to you, as well of any proceedings in wh. you take peculiar interest. That I have been permitted, & that my Angel child Marg’t has, to save your sacred cause & to give any comfort to your beloved self, for the sake of that cause, I [ask] [in] peculiar blessedness. My precious Marianne my now only sweet daughter is thank God quite well, & I returned from my venerable Aunt from Perl with her & my good sons on Friday last, leaving her quite well tho’ now 86. Your dear friend & good Dr Gaskin’s are among her greatest favourites in her drawing room, & are placed to match each other. Times have for some years gone badly with us landlords in England, or I wd soon again offer you a picture towards your wants. Our excellent friend Bp Ward however of Sodor & Man is a cruel rival to you; but I believe such rivalry almost does good when exciting in behalf of a righteous cause and when [?] with my unwholesome mixture. I deeply regret West’s eccentricity. I trust it is nothing else, for I think I have a letter of his in wh. he mentioned your having expressed a wish he could succeed you as Bishop. His Irish frame of mind might naturally however unjustifiably lead him to fancy that you had encouraged him to hope for such a distinction; tho’ scarce anyone but an Irishman cd have conceived such a thought for one moment. Would to God I cd make you, (if Ohio could spare you) our new Bishop under the vacancy caused by the death of one of your old friends, Bishop Majendie of Bangor. I fear the Vicar of Bray (Phillpotts) will be the new one to the disgrace every way except in [?] of our sacred Bench. I wish West may keep steady in Nova Scotia; but now that he has left you, his father in the X’n Church, & consequently turned his back on all of us connected with Ohio I cannot any more place confidence in him, tho’ I trust by God’s grace & mercy he may be again placed in the right way in humility & in faith. I expect our excellent friend G Marriott here in a few days with his dear [?] Selina. Mrs G Mtt has been too busy in increasing her store of 9 to 10 to allower to be of the party. George Robert & Fitzherbert Mtt I hope are going on in true X’n habits & disposition, & their good father is of the salt of the Earth. My precious Marianne who is sitting by me sends her kind love; & daily prizes your goodness to her & blessings, for their own sake & the sakes of those most precious to us, with whom it is our most anxious trust by God’s mercy thro’ Christ to be again & be forever united

Ever my dearest Bishop your most affect’e & grateful friend Kenyon

My dear Lloyd is a Membre of the new H of Commons & I am sure will be true to the Church.

Letter to Philander Chase



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