Lord Kenyon



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Kenyon updates Ward on his daughter Marianne's condition and tells him that G.W. Marriott will be coming to stay with him soon.




Marianne Kenyon, G.W. Marriott, Bishop Chase, Dr. Gaskin, Mrs. Ward


Perl Hall

Sept’r 16


My dear Lord

I thank God I can send a very good account of my precious Marianne. She is I trust quite well, & in God’s mercy to us I will trust that she will be preserved so. Our excellent friend G W Mtt & his good [?] will come to us at Gredington on the 5th of Oct’r and stay as long as he can with us. He free from expense to his care. That you and that truly Apostolick Bishop may both of you be blessed in & for your zeal for the good cause, the only cause of real importance I fervently pray and hope with humble confidence. I write this from my venerable Aunt’s room in our old family mansion in which is a print of our excellent friend Bp Chase & one of good Dr Gaskin, & in which she rejoiced in receiving them both. Yesterday poor [?] had his thigh so shattered by a locomotive engine on the Liverpool & Manchester railroad that he died before night. It is a melancholy beginning of that concern. I am very thankful I declined being of the party wh as having been chairman of the Comm’ee in the N of Leeds I was invited to have joined. I beg my best respects & regards to Mrs Ward & your good family & am ever

My dear Lord your obliged & affec’te friend


This is just received & will afford you comfort

Letter to Rev. W. Ward



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