Philander Chase



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Chase tells his wife he wishes she could come to see him but knows she is needed at the College. He includes instructions for Mr. Douglas and asks why none of the Professors or Tutors have written to him since his accident.




Gambier, Mr. Douglas


In continuation of the 5th of April 1830

My dear Wife,

I had closed the sheet which I shall inclose in this: but had not finished what I want to say to you. I think it quite providential that you did not come on to see me in my distress; tho’ at times my personal feelings have longed for it so much. For in such case I could not have any security that things could go on at all well at this important season of the year at Gambier. From the beginning we have sacrificed our pleasures and comforts and often our necessaries of life for the sake of doing our public duties to this great Institution: and now nor at any future period till Death closes our eyes on all sublenary things do I hope we shall cease to manifest the same disposition. I glory in your example to that effect. It raises you in my eyes more than as if you had come to my bed adorned with the Riches and honours the proudest and most abundant the world can give. The whole world seems governed by Self; but you are not. This truth is more to your honour in my eyes than if you were Empress of the Globe.

Tell Mr. Douglas to hire whom he pleases: and to turn away whom he pleases: and to see well to the Headman and now & then to put in a word to let them know there is an eye upon them. Tell him to look well to the Charity beds. They must be kept cleaner or no decent workmen will stay with us. In short tell Mr D. to do his duty as a general overseer to all matters more than to confine himself to any company of men. Let him be much on horseback till I return.

Thus have I spoken to you about matters. You need but read what I have said to Mr. Douglas, he will comply I have little doubt, with all my requests.

I am mortified, – tho’ knowing the selfishness of our poor human nature I am not surprised) that I have been so neglected by our Professors and Tutors at Kenyon; especially in this my late distress. Not a word have I re’d from any one of them. Has a prayer been offered for me at the College I fear not!!!


Phi’r Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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