Philander Chase



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Chase updates his wife on his health and provides instructions for the crops and the purchasing of goods for construction in Gambier.




Dr. Smith, Mr. Hoye, Majoy Lyn, Paul Beck, Dr. Farnum, Rev. Mr. Mann, Great Lakes, Mr. Williams, Mount Vernon, Mr. Lampon, Mr. Douglas


Cumberland, Md.

5th Apl: 11 oclock P.M.

My dear Wife:

I have been in bed; but unable to rest but for a short time at once. I have risen again and got myself once more fixed in my “Chair of State,” where comparatively I am at ease. It was brought with me from Dr. Smith’s to Mr. Hoye’s who has insisted on having the honour (poor indeed it is) of his share of entertaining the Wounded Bishop. He made a dinner for me & to invited the Methodist & Lutheran Ministers and Major Lyn and Lady and others. It was very good and the time passed pleasantly enough. I sat at [meal] as well as I could tho’ in pain: –

You see by this I am better therefore have much cause of gratitude. Were it not for this trouble of lying down and sleeping on a bed. I should do well. This great deprivation keeps me poor & wane. My intention is still to set off for home on Monday next.

I wrote to Paul [Beck] Phil’a to request Dr. Farnum our Physician to come on and accompany me to Gambier; but before he could be apprized of this my wish I perceive by a letter this day r’d from him that has determined to go by the way of the Lakes. Perhaps he may alter his mind when Mr. P. Beck shall have conversed with him.

I have re’d. a letter from the Rev Mr. Mann of Charles Co M’o telling me that three Boys are ready to come on for Kenyon College. Had he sent them instead of writing any more letters they might have accompanied me in the [Reeside] Coach. As it is I have told him in answer that he may send them on by the stage coach. This is about all the news since writing you in the morning of this day.

I hope things are going on well about the gardening. If Mr. Williams do not well in this what can I think of him?

Should you think it will answer any good purpose you may speak a word in my name and tell him that I expect vegetables to be raised in abundance this year on the garden of the College. If he want more help let him have it. But if the Lord will please to Bless the garden vegetables must come by his means. The Hotel is to be supplied as well as the College and at this new establishment we shall (if I may be permitted to foretell) have an abundance of Company. The coach will with the mail run every day to Mt. V’n. The public are apprized of this; and will make their arrangements accordingly. You will see by the Bills of Goods purchased that I have bought abundance of bedding: all that’s wanting in this business is Beds. To supply this feathers should be taken in at the Store as many as offer. Let a good – yea the highest price be offered in goods. Out bid the Vernon Merchant and publish it immediately. Tell Mr. Lampon so. Call for Mr. [?] & tell him to see that there be sawed some cherry and black walnut scantling out which to turn posts and make 50 bed steads. Let a [bathe] be prepared, in some proper place. Ask him how comes on the stable for the Hotel? Beg him to [?] himself.

As for Mr. Douglas I know he will do all in his power to rush the business for the corn crop. To supply our wants in this way we must have rising of 100 acres of new ground prepared with the best of fence besides the old young Field. Tell the whole of them that I expect nothing will prevent a [hill] Headsmen meeting every night. If this is neglected these shall be found in approbation at the hands of P. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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