Philander Chase



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Chase thanks his wife for her recent letters and tells her not to worry about the persistence of his faith. He also updates Sophia on his health and discusses his affairs in Maryland.




Mr. Minor, Gambier, St. Paul's Church, Boston, Rev. Mr. Johns, Mrs. Johns, Philadelphia Recorder, Hancock, Hagerstown


Cumberland Md

3. April. 1830

My Dear Wife

This morning [Lucius] Minor came along from Gambier and brought many letters both new and old: for which I heartily thank you. I am sorry for your painful sympathy on my account. This whole great affliction is a great trial: but I trust God give the grace according to our necessity. I can assure you I know of no propensity in my bosom towards complaint if by that is meant anything like murmuring “God’s will be done: is my motto still; whether that be for life or for death – prosperity or adversity: success or disappointment. If I see not the reason now; a time will come when the Wisdom and goodness of God is the most affective event will be manifest.

I thought proper to say thus much because I think I see something in one of your letters whereby you fear I shall be disappointed & begin to distrust the goodness of God. Nothing can be more foreign from my feelings than such a sentiment: and if any such inference may be drawn from anything in my letters I disclaim it: and would mourn over it. God is infinitely better & more merciful to me in his heaviest dispensations than I deserve: I will therefore receive at his hands what are called the evils as well as the good things he may devise.

The donation from the Ladies of St. Paul’s Church Boston is [magnificent] and noble in deed. I have answered their letter and if I do not send the same to you it will be because I have some thoughts of sendings both the letter and the answer to the Phi’a Recorder.

I am better today – have walked over the street to see a friend or two who had called to see me in sickness. Mr. & Mrs. Johns and two other ladies intimate with them have this day set off for Hancock where the Parson will preach tomorrow 40 miles from this. – On Monday they will go to Hagerstown to see Mrs. John’s Friends and will return here by Friday next. – They have [?] in the [Reeside] Coach and gone drawn by your Horses. I thought it better to have the animals in service than in lazy full keeping.

I see nothing to prevent my hoping to get off by 12th. i.e. week from Monday. Sooner would be impossible. My ribs are just beginning to knit. My arm is yet painful & in a sling

Your loving Husband

P. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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