Philander Chase



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Chase tells his wife of his affairs in Washington and assures her that he misses her and their family. He hopes to be able to appoint a professor of chemistry and mineralogy soon based on a recent donation.




Aunt Cranch, Dean Gray, Judge Cranch, Mrs. Addison, Georgetown, Dudley Chase, Mrs. Sawyer, Rev. Mr. Stone, Mrs. Smyth, Mr. Adams, Mr. Douglass, Mr. Johns


Washington City

Christmas Day 1829

My dear Wife:

I found on my arrival here yesterday afternoon all our Relations the good Cranches well, and happy. All precisely as they were 2 years ago except Elizabeth married and with her husband now residing in Boston.

Your letters the last dated my birthday the 14th of Dec’r were put into my hands. The unexpected death of Dean Gray affects me exceedingly: O God mysterious are thy judgements and thy ways past finding out! Though in tears we bow to thy will: because we believe in thy wisdom and goodness to learn not a movement on our own understandings. And while we bow we pray that this may be improved to they long thro’ Jesus Christ our Lord.

I immediately inclosed your letter to Mr Gray with a hasty note. May God support his venerable parents and affectionate Relatives.

In addition to the good news you give me from England I have something good to tell you. This morning Judge Cranch told me that as Judge of Prolates he had learned thro’ Mrs. Addison brother wide of the Clergyman in Georgetown had left Kenyon College a legacy of $500 to be paid after the death of an old Relative. This may encourage me to appoint a Professor of Chymistry & Mineralogy immediately. I hope to find a person who will combine the knowledge & profession of Medicine & Surgery.

I went to see Brother Dudley last evening but did not find him at home. He now boards at Mrs. Sawyers not far from the P. Office, a good ways from this. I shall see him today.

The Drummonds are well but displeased at their sons not writing.

I went from Hagerstown to Fredericktown where after staying one night with the Rev. Mr. Stone my Valice overtook me. I then proceeded to Baltimore. A Mrs Smyth, Widow with 2 sons 11 & 12 years old of good property wishes to go to Gambier & board with us. What think you of the plan?

Send me under cover to Brother Dudley distributed in separate letters or parcels within the [?] of the law (for which you’ll inquire of Mr. Adams) All my “Stars in the West.” Why did I come away with them! Write me often: & tell Mr Douglass to write me & do you write me what he says about matters and things. I shall write very often. Mr. Johns is Chaplain to the Senate I saw him last evening. Your faithful & affectionate

P. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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