Philander Chase



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Chase describes his stay in Hagerstown including a donation to the College made by a teacher he met.




Mr. Drane, Miss Inglis


Hagerstown Md.

Dec’r 21. 1829.

My Dear Wife;

I preached yesterday twice for Mr Drane tho’ all my manuscript sermons are in my lost valice not yet returned.

Today I have been to see & to thank good Miss Inglis a Teacher of one of our best [art] of Boarding schools in this Town. The occasion of my gratitude was the following.

This morning very early while I was in my room dressing the Rev. Mr. Drane came up to tell me that a young Lady a niece of Mr Inglis was below with some of a present and wished to see me.

On descending I was address in the most affectionate & respectable manner by a Lady of about 17. and requested to accept of a half Eagle of gold for my College from her beloved Aunt Miss Inglis. After receiving my thanks & blessing she left us.

It gave me great pleasure to find my Benefactress on acquaintance improved instead of diminishing my sense of gratitude to her. She gives away all the profits of her very excellent school and looks simply to God for her reward. God she says will take care of her. She cannot put her earnings into a better bank. This the disposition I admire & love.

But her gift my book from Miss Ann Maria Inglis of Hagerstown. Md.

Your faithful & affectionate

Husband Ph’r Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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