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Chase thanks his wife for her letter and asks for more information regarding the building of a dam near the college. He also tells her about who he has been meeting with in Cincinnati and tells her he plans to return home before going to Washington if possible.




Mr. Vicker, Mr. Gwinne, Mr. Douglass, Mr. Williams, Grammar School, Mr. Spencer, Wheeling, Cincinnati College, St. Paul's Church


1829 Cincinnati Dec 5.

Late Saturday night.

My dear Wife;

I had become quite uneasy at not receg. a letter from you of a later date than that of the 23 – when Mr G[?] just now came into my room with that of the 27th. Few things have gratified me more than the news that the Race was repaired and the Mill again running.

I wish Mr Vicker had been more particular in telling you about the wasting away of the gravel in the opposite pier of the Dam. Did he say that the water had worked under the pier and caused the stone & gravel with which it was filled to sink? Or was it “settled” by the water pouring thro’ the logs of the abutment so as to take away the gravel leaving the bottom of the source unmoved? If the former there is great danger of soon losing the dam & the sooner the brush dam is commenced on that side of the river the better. But if the [the] latter a few stone laid and hammered in on the upper side of the pier between the logs; and gravel filled in below will make all right again.

I am sorry Mr Douglass had not arrived. Sure I am however that he was usefully employed in getting the cows; and is now with you. As to the Printer, I have just dispatched a letter to Mr Williams the Teacher of the Grammar School committing the charge of the types & printing office into his hands to manage till I return. Let him confer with the printer as to terms and with the Professors as to what he shall publish and then constantly oversee all. No students are to be admitted into the office but such as are employed. Let Mr Williams write to me what can be done direct me one letter to Wheeling & a duplicate to Washington.

Tomorrow – is sunday – & I will tell you when I shall have done my duty in it. I have dined at several places and been treated with much kindness: and I am not without hopes that my visitation may prove of some use.

Mr Spencer has agreed to pay the merchants of whom I have bought 40 [?] points of blankets: and 15 Machinnac [?] of blankets. The former for the little boys single beds and the latter for the good beds in the Hotel. None for sale.

Mr Spencer gives his paper at 60 days which the merchants consider at Cash; and I give up his note for money due me given to me when I left [?] City for Eng’d. on acct. of the Cincinnati College. The Blankets are cheaper than those [we] bought in Phi’a. I am to be credited for the cash paid for the Blankets on the Book in your hands. P. Chase


P.S. I have delayed sending off this letter that I might close my Cincinnati acct. of matters. Yesterday I preached and administered the Communion in Christ Church – confirmed 3 persons making with the 7. confirmed last sunday 10.

I preached in the afternoon in the School-house to the parish of St. Paul’s Church and ministered the Rite of Confirmation to 21 persons making with the 14 last sunday 35 persons confirmed in the parish of St. Paul’s. I exhorted the members of St. Paul’s Parish to build a church: being confident that it is the only way to keep peace & preserve the flock from scattering. I think both parishes are entitled to Credit for their mutual forbearance.

Yesterday I completed the business with Mr Spencer and with the balance of the old debt due me from Cincinnati College I have purchased a Carpet & sheeting cotton for our House of Entertainment for strangers. Don’t let anything I send from Cin. be sold.

In the evening a large company met at Mr Johnston’s Nancy Hammond was there who had just come down the River from Steubenville. All well at Mr M[?]’s. Today I have been busy in preparing for the steamboat expected every hour from below to carry me to Marietta. If I find there a S. Boat going up the Muskingum I shall go in it to Za’le & thence to see you before I go to Washington. P. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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