Philander Chase



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Chase wishes Mr. West to return and promises to treat him well, though he is upset at the miscommunications that have occurred. He believes that he is in the right and wants Mr. West to apologize to him.




Mr. West, Lord Kenyon


In continuation of mine of the 15 M. 1829

Very dear Friend:

You wish me to write something more definite in relation to Mr. West’s return.

I wish him to return whenever you and dear afflicted and generous Lord Kenyon think it best; and be assured that when he does return he shall be treated as well as we treat, or even have treated, our best beloved Clergy, not excepting my own Son. We have no “livings” as they are called in England; but our people have warm hearts and will do as well as they can in maintaining their ministers. Mr. West is not collecting money in England to endow a Church which our Laws do not contemplate, but to build one.

The singular manner in which he seemed to address me in a certain letter (& with which by your note to him transmitted to me, it seems you also were displeased; and which himself in his note to you he wrote confesses thro the influence of irritated feeling) I will if it be the Trustee’s wish pass over. Perhaps I was erroneous in my interpretation of his expression of “not holding himself officially responsible to me.” It may be he did not mean as the word seems to import.

Mr. West seems to be in distress that I have not of late written to him, and calls it a “death like silence” I am sorry that I have given him pain for I did not intend it; and I did not think he expected an answer to a letter containing the above remark till he should have explained, not to say apologized, for its apparent meaning. Perhaps he may say I have misinterpretted [sic] his expression and given it a meaning he did not intend. Be it so. In such case what wd. have been the right course? Immediately on hearing the misinterpretation (as it seems he did) to write a candid explanation. If I am poor in my understanding so much the more ought I to receive indulgence. Your faithful friend. Philander Chase

Letter to G.W. Marriott



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