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Anecdote regarding Lawrence.




Don't Give up the Ship


“Don’t Give up the Ship”

Were the hearts singing words of our dear Lawrence as may fall from his pale and humbling lips [?] from fear but from the loss of blood when fighting in defense of this injured country. They were the last he ever spoke--the flag of his ship was his shroud which a generous for wrapped round his lifeless corpse. “Don’t give up the ship” was whispered by every mouth as every fold was adjusted to ease his going [?]-- The silent team, the deep drawn sigh gave evidence of the sincerity of that tribute which brave always pay to the brave among all nations.

The words of Lawrence lived though his body was buried in an enemy’s shore. They lived in the breast of every American, the father and the son, the mother and the daughter talked of them together, and the patriot and grasping the hand of his when meeting patriot would say what the dying Lawrence said “Don’t give up the ship”

“The ship was not given up” --thousands replied forward to the call of duty and the American navy was saved to enjoy the triumphs of many a Victory.

Now all this treats of temporal affairs--the page of [?] history we read it--and our hearts are again moved unto deeds of patriotism. When in times of difficulty and gloomy prospects are before us: When our national prosperity and [?] are put in jeopardy--indeed of [??] the behests of duty we look, one when and where, and repeat the words of our deadying Lawrence “Don’t give up the ship”

This sentiment appealing as it does to the feeling of such patriotic heart unites all together as one man in love and duty: and decidedly all is as it should be. The ship is not given up, and our community is saved. But is there no other things but there [?] are temporal--Are there no other [?] but those said save on the helmet of a [?] soldier? In this life everything with one who knows he has an immortal love? Are there not eternal known crown, that fade not [?] like temporal [?] glory internal in the heavens for which we should mouth chiefly strive?

There is--there is a land whose Heaven is eternal sent. There is a ship [?] by [?] hand in the waves of this troublesome world which is bound within. It is officered by the Great captain of our Salvation. It spreads its faith, its [?] and sacraments to receive the holy ghost [??] the breath of God. His [?] is the word pg God: the Holy Scriptures; touched by the inspiration of the spirit of truth: so that in the darkest night might it showeth the course which points to eternal life.

With this ship we are chiefly [?]. On board there of every Christian is entitled his baptism. The seal of his [?] has engraved in it the name of the Christians, God, Father for and Holy Spirit and to serve this God who is eternal and to save his soul which is immortal is his end and aim. The world with all it contains, if attained is nothing in comparison of this. For what gain a man and what shall he give in exchange for his own soul?

The Ship (which is the means of this Salvation the Church of the Living God: the [?] of Christ [?]) must not be [?] neither in life nor in death must be consent to [?] it to the foe. Don’t give up the ship must be the first and the last words of every Christian.



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