Philander Chase



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Chase instructs his granddaughter Mary on how to be a good child in Christ.




Mary Oliva Chase, grandchild


Wheeling 12 May 1829

My dear Grand Daughter Mary.

I have been writing [to] all my children; and why shou[ld] I not write to you? You are my child: the daughter of my [most] beloved Son now in Heaven. O how I wish that you could so live & believe in our Saviour as [he] did that when you die you [might] go dwell with God & good angels as he has done!

Now dear Mary: be a good child by obeying your Mother & Father & grand parents & by seeing our own faults and asking forgiveness of them. Be a good child by forgiving all who offend you; by being gentle & kind to all; and by learning your book at proper times; working at proper times and saying your prayers at proper times. And when you do say your prayers mind that you mean & feel what you say: If this be a difficult thing (as it always is to a person who has not as yet felt the powers of Religion) then beg God to give you a right frame of mind: beg him for Christ’s sake to “make you a clean heart and renew a right spirit within you.” Remember that sin is like the bite of a mad dog: it will not only bring you to death in the end if you are not cured of it by the Blood & spirit of Christ, but indisposes you to the means of your cure: It makes you hate both the physician and the medicine, which God hath appointed to make you well. The first thing, then, is to get a right mind -- a disposition; a will; a desire to love God & keep his command[ments] and then all will be safe. Pray, then, that God would change your heart and give you holy & good desires; and He will hear you; & grant your request; and then all will be well. You will have no [wishes] to be wicked & spend your time in vanity & sin. Give my love to your Mother

Your loving GFather P. Chase

Letter to Mary Olivia Chase



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