Henry Heap



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Heap sends the receipts of the subscriptions and collections that Mr. West has received. He also expresses his fondness for Mr. West and his sermons.




George Montgomery West, Bishop Chase, Mr. Marriott, Bradford Parish Church, St. Paul’s Church Shipley, Parish of Bradford, Parish Church Bingley, Parish Church Keighley


Vicarage, Bradford, Yorkshire,

April 16th 1829.

My Lord

At the request of the [Revd.] George Montgomery West, Chaplain to the venerable and excellent Bishop Chase, I beg to leave to forward to your Lordship, the amount of collections & subscriptions received in this Neighborhood, in aid of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Ohio, being the favorable result of the powerful appeals which Mr. West has so feelingly introduced in the sermons preached by him in the Undermentioned Churches----- €.~.~

Bradford Parish Church, collected after two sermons 46.16.3

Subscriptions received from a few friends in Bradford 22.11.0

After a sermon at St. Paul’s Church Shipley, Parish of Bradford 7.7.0

Amount of subscriptions received from Leeds --- 87.1.3

After a sermon in the Parish Church, Bingley --- 11.5.6

After a sermon in the Parish Church Keighley --- 12.14.9

To be deducted 187.15.9

Paid for advertisements Letters &c. 1.2.10 deduct 17.15.9

Paid to the Revd. G.M. West for [?] 16.12.11

€17.15.9 Balanced amount now sent €170.0.0


No. 2772 for one hundred pounds

1828 Set. 26 Liverpool

W Hughes


No. 19659 for Fifty Pounds

1829 Jan. 31 London

J Butler


No. 736 for Twenty Pounds

1827 Aug. 9 Leeds

G [Ganedru]

Mr. West informs me that Mr. Marriott of Queen Square

turn over

Bloomsbury will on your Lordship transmitting the money now sent forward the same to the proper quarter for the purposes of the Ohio Diocese.

Whilst I am putting down these particulars, I feel it to be my duty to express to your Lordship my most unqualified approbation of the sound & truly orthodox sermons, which I have had the privilege to hear to hear from Mr. West. He is a preacher of astonishing talents, and after hearing from him five sermons, in my own Church, I must say that Bishop Chase is highly honored in having such a chaplain, and the Church of Ohio, cannot fail to receive large pecuniary supplies from the efficient services of such a powerful advocate. I wish our excellent & truly apostolical church, had five hundred clergymen so well qualified for their work, as Mr. West appears to be.

I thank your Lordship for standing forward so [manfully] in favour of the Protestant Cause, on a recent important question.

Believe me my Lord, your Lordship’s faithful humble servant

Henry Heap

The Right Honorable Lord Kenyon.

I shall [be] [glad] to hear from your Lordship on the receipt of this letter with its contents.

Mr. West will feel obliged by Mr. Marriott’s favoring him with a few lines at his earliest [convenience].

Letter to Lord Kenyon



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