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Copy a letter sent to a reverend in Connecticut in which Chase relays the news of his case's failure in Congress and asks for subscriptions to support Kenyon College.




Congress, Washington, Connecticut, Kenyon College


New York 10th June 1828

Rev’d and Dear Brother

You have no doubt seen how I was vanquished at Washington. My cause had not enough in it of the politicks [sic] of the day to command the attention of Congress at the present crisis.

But tho’ beaten I am not conquered though cast down I am not in despair. Kenyon College will succeed and bless our Western land.

On this you will have rec’d a little statement of our affairs, called for fancy’s sake the “Star in the West,” which I deemed it my duty to make especially to the Friends of our College throughout our Country.

Should this little, this last, though I hope not dying strength of mine, must your approbation, it would greatly oblige me if you would make that approbation known to those who feel an interest in my affairs of Kenyon College and who remember me while in Connecticut.

I ask but little and that, to prevent this great plan from sinking will be to me now a great deal.

You know the good doctrine of “braving one anothers burdens” you know also that “this is the law of Christ,” By fulfilling it we are knit together as brothers, By breaking this law Satan divides us. How strikingly is this remark verified in our church this is the cause of the Schisms among us, Episcopalians have yet to learn the luxury of wide and extensive mutual Beneficence. Oh that they would taste and see how good God would be to them by their doing good to their brethren!

I have lived in Connecticut, I am thankful for the many enjoyments which God in mercy vouchsafed me there. I now visit it again in imagination and my reminiscences are sweet. Fountain of Mercies! Let my streams flow ever through that happy state, and water its fields with loving kindness! This is the prayer of my heart whenever I think of Connecticut and the many friends I left behind when I went in a cold & stormy day, to the Westward.

And will they not think of me in an hour of distress? Will they not help me to keep alive the lamp of Religion and Science in the Wild woods & the increasing settlements of the West.

Show this I pray you to your excellent Bishop, who also loves me and the cause I have in hand. Ask his advice, ask him on my behalf; and when pleading in the name of our common Redeemer and of His Holy Church to make known to every member of his Diocese this my first & my last request and of each to ask for a subscription of our dollar for the benefit of Kenyon College Ohio in this time of need.

You are at liberty to use this letter as you please,

I never have asked of Connecticut before, I ask but little now and that not for myself; but for learning and religion in the West. May I not ask in vain.

Letter to Connecticut Reverend



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