Philander Chase



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Chase arrives in New York and tells his wife about a new pamphlet that he is writing.




Brunswick, Kip, William, Dr. Milnor, Mr. Sparrow, Rev. Dr. Keith, Virginia Convention, Dr. Moore, Bp. Hobart, Mr. Meade


New York 31 May 1828

6 oclock P.M.

Dear Wife

I set off yesterday noon from Phila., staid last night at Brunswick NJersey and arrived here this day at 10 A.M. Found Brother & Sister Kip and the children all well. William home, a little while from College.

You must know that I am preparing to make a new appeal to my friends throughout the U.S. It is called “a Star in the West”


“Kenyon College in 1828”

This had occupied my time very fully within a few days past. I did some things, the greatest part of the work on this pamphlet, in Phila. The rest (after sitting down as soon as I arrived here) I have finished here at [Brok’s] desk.

[Half] wearied to death by this long and tedious business I can give you but little satisfaction in the way of a good letter.

Mother I hear is not so well. Maria says: if no better news arrive in the mean time she will accompany me to Kingtton.

I have not seen a friend, but expect Dr. Milnor here soon.

Do love your faithful and most affectionate Husd.

Phr. Chase

P.S. Tell Mr. Sparrow that I had the pleasure of the company of the Rev. Dr. Keith from N Brunswick to N York.

The Dr. told me that at the Vira. Convent. Bp: Moore came out most boldly against “Bp. H’s policy” Supported the Ala. Seminary and prayer [?], and says he thinks an [other] [?] [?] Bishop should be appointed to balance the over grown power of the Little man in the Convention. The Convention have taken steps to this effect. Mr. Meade is the [man] his sermon it is said was a heart moving thing. It will be published.

In short things are very [?] in [Virginia].


Letter to Sophia Chase



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