Philander Chase



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Chase expresses his anxiety regarding his bill, which he is trying to get up in the House, and goes into detail about the events in Washington.




Judge Cranch, Dudley Chase, Dr. Swan, New Jersey, Mr. Lane, Mr. Bucannan, Stansberry, Devenport, Mr. Bartley, Mr. Preston, Dr. Wilson


(no. 22)

Friday 25 Apl. 1828

My dear Wife

It is now past 12 oclock: and the friends of Bill from the senate giving a Township of land to Kenyon College having determined if possible to get it up in the House this day I need not tell you how anxious I am, here alone in my chamber at Judge Cranch’s. My anxiety however is oer ruled and evidently assuaged by a frequent I trust a very sincere imploring of heavenly grace to support me under any event of this most important crisis. I say [any] went alluding by this expression no less to a prosperous than to an unsuccessful issue. For so much and so thoroughly are my feelings engaged and I might say interwoven with this Bill that I have perhaps as much reason to fear the intoxicating influences of prosperity as the depressing tendency of defeat. The latter will bring me to the feet of my Saviour (as all his chastisements heretofore, I trust, have done): the former will be, by the Enemy seized on as an occasion for temptations to self praise & then of forgetfulness of God. With this view of things, who would not pray that he be not led into temptation; but delivered from evil? I now will tell you a few events in as near order in which they took place as possible.

Yesterday I think I wrote you a line in haste covering a paper with a part of the debate in the Senate and a few observations of a general nature

While in the Senate Br. D. put into my hands the inclosed letter to which I wrote the accompanying answer: to let you see how many students you have reason to expect.

Dr. Swan of N. Jersey told me in the morning (yesterday) that he heard Stanberry say he wd. vote against me. To day Dr. Swan told me he had conversed with Stanberry and that he was “right again” and would vote for us.

In company with a Mr./M[r]. Lane from Phila. I went up to see Mr. Bucannan. This gentleman is one of those under the influence of constitutional samples: but said he could not vote bringing the question up before the house today. Coming home I met Devenport of Belmont County Ohio: I told him what Dr. Swan had said respecting Stansberry. Devenport said he had talked with Mr. Stany. Yesterday & that his language was percisely [sic] the reverse!!

I called in my way home on Mr. Bartley my steady and best friend in the House (from Mansfield Ohio). He told me he would try to get the Bill up. I told him that having done all by way of setting things in right train; and not feeling able to sustain my self during the agitations which a debate on this important question would excite in my own breast he must permit me to keep out of sight and solitude and silence [wait] the event.

As I came into the room I found from [Jho] Farmer 12 new papers each containing the whole of the Debate in the senate of which I send you one begging you after reading to put it on file.

3 oclock

Mr. Preston from Alex [a] school just called, and gave me a letter [?] himself declaring an acceptance of the offer to go to Kenyon College. He says he is not qualified to be appointed a professor of Mathematics. I shall send his letter to Dr. Wilson by tomorrow’s post & talk with him when I shall see him in N.Y.

5. Oclock. Mr. Stansbery attempted to set up his own bill (to give several Townships to the canal on O) and failed I have not seen any one but John Cranch who does not know the particulars. My own Friends I suppose thot it an unfavourable time to succeed immediately to Mr. Stany: disappointment. More tomorrow --- your faithful

Phir. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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