Philander Chase



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Chase expresses his gratitude for Mrs. Sigourney's letter and informs her that his bill has passed in the Senate, and will hopefully soon also pass in the House of Representatives.




Greek Ladies, Hartford, bill for a township of land




Washington City 5th. 1828

Dear Mrs. Sigourney

I was made quite happy by hearing from you, even thro’ the channel of a newspaper. Your letter to the Greek Ladies, now appearing in all the Goz. [?], pleases the taste of those who are much better judges of fine writing than myself; and I heartily pray God it may, by way of example, excite others to go and do good also. It adds not a little to the amount of gratification which I feel in witnessing this instance of disinterested benevolence to reflect, it took place in Hartford, a City which I can never hear named, without sensations of most pleasing remembrance, and doubtless was performed by those, whose deeds of kindness during the happy period of my residence there were so indelibly inscribed on my own bosom. Believe, me dear Lady, when I tell you, that your letter connected as it is with these tender reminiscences fills my eyes with tears & my heart with gratitude.

It will doubtless delight you, and the rest of my Dear Friends in H., to learn that the Bill for granting to Kenyon College a Township of land, has passed the Senate, and in good time will, it is hoped, also pass in the House of Representatives & become a law. May God make me humble under this unmerited favour & give me a thankful heart for Christ Jesus’ sake!

I am your faithful friend & sevt.

Phr. Chase

Letter to Mrs. Sigourney



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