Philander Chase



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Chase received a packet of various letters from Dudley and thinks that the College will be able to move on June 1st. He also updates his wife on the progress of the bill in Washington and when he expects to return home.




Dudley Chase, Mr. Adams, Lord Kenyon, Judge Russle, Senate, House of Representatives


½ past 12. Noon

Washington Mar: 21st 1828

My dear Wife

As I put my packet of this morning into Brother Dudleys hands to forward he gave me a number of letters one from you & one from Dudley and one from Mr. Adams and one from Lord Kenyon: Good tidings in all, but the best was that you are well and the dear Children.

Matters and things go on better at Gambier than you at Worthington seem to think. According to Mr. Adams’ acct. we shall be ready to move as I always said the first of June.

You will be delighted when I tell you that there is great hopes of getting our “Bill up” as they call it in the Senate within a few days perhaps tomorrow or on monday. So Judge Russle told me today. This will serve to let us know what we have to expect. If the Senate refuse to pass the bill I shall be off immediately. If they pass it I shall have hopes of the same in the House & stay I dont know how long: But however long I stay I shall not stay one moment longer than I think it my duty to stay. My heart is with you My dear Wife: & my staying here is among my most severe trials. God has laid it on me and I will submit & still bless his Holy name

Kiss all the Children round for your faithful Husband and their affectionate Father

Phir. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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