Philander Chase



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Chase responds to ongoing issues at the school mentioned in his wife's last letter. He has good reason to believe his petition will be favorably received by the Senate. The Milnor Professorship has been filled.




Dudley Chase, Mr. Dickenson, Senate, Committee on Lands, Milnor Professorship


Wash’n D.C. 15 Feb.


My dear Wife,

This hour I r’d yours of the 5. Blessed be God you are all well and doing well. [Dhorman] will repent. Bro’r Dudley is satisfied that all we have done in the way of discipline is right & will redound to the honour of the College. How silly as well as mistaken is poor Dickenson!

I was this morning in the Senate Chamber and heard from a source entitled to Credit that the Committee on Lands to whom my petition was referred continue to speak favourably. The exact quantity of Lands they will report can not be known till the Report comes before the Senate; but they have signified that it will be Liberal if at [all].

Continual are my prayers that I may not be elated at the prospect of success nor depressed at those of adversity!

The Milnor professorship is filled! Tho’ we and our Children are beggars it must go.

I write so often I cannot write much so adieu your faithful & loving Husband

Letter to Sophia Chase



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