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Chase discusses his meetings in Alexandria and Washington as well as updates to the subscription list. He is in good health and is with his wife's family in Washington.




Alexandria, Rev. Mr. Jackson, Mr. Keith, Mr. Sparrow, Milnor Professorship, Mr. West, British Church, Ireland, Worthington, Gambier, Bishop of Salisbury, Bishop of Bath & Wells, Dudley Chase, Primate of Ireland, Aunt Cranch, Uncle Cranch


Wednesday 13 Feb. 1828

My Dear Wife,

I have just returned from Alexandria and the Seminary on the hill. I dined yesterday at the Rev Mr Jacksons and lodged at the Rev. Mr Keith’s. The Clergy of the District were generally present; – The Theological student about 17. came over to Mr. Keith’s and spent the evening with us. – I tried to speak to them.

Tell Mr. Sparrow there is some hope of getting Mr. Keith to fill the Milnor Professorship! He came up with me to Wash’n where I found letters from Mr. West in Eng’d. with printed new appeals to the British Church & publick [sic]. The printed papers embrace the commendations of the Bishops of Salisbury & of Bath and Wells – particularly the latter in the warmest terms. – In addition to the subscriptions which you saw in Worthington the Primate of all Ireland is down for £100.

I am thankful for the continuance of very good health. Brother Dudley also is well. Your Aunt Cranch (whom I wish you would mention in your next) is very well and who with all the family treat me so kindly. I sent Uncle Cranch’s letter (which was not returned to me from Gambier wither it was directed) till today

Somebody calls – My hopes increase of success in my petition

Your faithful

P Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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