Philander Chase



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Asks King to apply on his behalf to Congress for aid in the grant of lands to the college. It would be "like a death blow" to him to hear of the petition's failure.




Chester Griswold; Phil Ruggles; Philander Chase Jr.; money; Congress


Worthington Ohio

Jan 25th 1820

To the Hond

Rufus King.

Dear Sir,

Mr. Chester Griswold who went on last summer from this place to solicit funds for our [instant] Seminary said he had the honour of an interview with you, and that you had the goodness to speak favourably of our applying to Congress for aid in the grant of lands to our College. Under the impression which this intelligence has created I beg leave now to address you; and to solicit your patronage to the Petition which accompanies this.

I know not the minds of the Members from our own state. I know Misters Ruggles, B[?] and Brush; the others are strangers to me and the [?] of the petitioners. If by your kind address they would be influenced to come heartily into the measure, we should owe much to you, to [?] whom I know I shall write simultaneously with this.

To my knowledge of your character would I could add a personal acquaintance to justify me in addressing you as I feel on the subject alluded to in this letter. The interest of learning morality and Religion are so interwoven with the fate of our [?] that it will be like a death blow to us to hear of its failure. May we be spared the pain of such an event by your interference in our behalf.

My Son Philander will soon be with us - on him under Providence we rely much for aid in conducting our Institution to form and usefulness.

Educated as he is not the first seminary in our Country we think we are not deceived in our expectations. Let not then our laudable expectations in coming into the wild country be [blasted].

Any information you may require further than is expressed in the petition itself I will endeavour at your request to send you as soon as may be.

That the Good God may ever have you in his holy keeping, direct you in all your ways and further you with his continual help is the prayer of

Dear Sir

Phil. Chase

Letter to Rufus King



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