Philander Chase



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Chase asks Allen to tell Mrs. Twells to send her sons to Worthington, where he will put them under care of his wife.




Mrs. Twells, Mr. Potter, Mrs. Chase, Philadelphia, Wheeling, Brownsville, Mr. Hogg, The Recorder


Rev. & Dear Brother:

Tell Mrs Twells that the Bearer of this, Mr D. Potter, process my full confidence: and that I have directed him to take charge of her Sons, & conduct them safely to Ohio, & put them under the care of my dear Wife and of the Teachers of our school at Worthington.

About 20 dollars for each of the boys will be necessary to give Mr P. to bear their expenses (perhaps a little more) for which will acct. to Mrs Chase. Mrs Twells will make the advances for the Boy’s [?] year’s expense to me when I return thro’ Phil’a on my way to Ohio.

Mr Potter is directed to go to Wheeling thro’ Brownsville; Tell Mrs Twells that Mr Gen. Hogg may send his boys with hers if she write him on the subject.

Pray give the young man all the facilities you can & oblige your faithful Friend & Brother

Phi’r Chase

P.S. amt. of sub. in 11.11 nearly $1,100 I am most thankful for what saw in [in] the two last Recorders.

Don’t forget me to one of my good friends in Phil’a. My heath is better

Letter to Benjamin Allen



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