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Marriott discusses the literary positions to be filled at Kenyon and the support for Chase's cause in England.




Mrs. Hartt, Mr. Crosbre, Mr. West, Mr. Barry, Dr. Gaskin, Oxford, Cotesbatch, Cambridge, Ely, London, York, Durham, Edinburgh, P.C. Knowledge Society, Ireland


My dear and venerated Friend

You will see that a favorable opportunity is given me of sending you a line, and will not wonder at my transmitting original letters instead of transcribing their import. Mrs H[artt] you well know. Mr [Crosbre] is well known to Mr West. He is highly qualified by education, & character for the results of education, to fill one of the literary posts in the College, I have no doubt. But I have told him that I think they will be filled by one or more who accompany the Irish Colony. Mr Barry had kept a full journal of his proceedings, which he would like [to] show to you above all others, I have no doubt. We closed his London career at Dr Gaskin’s yesterday. Today [?] up, & tomorrow morning goes to Oxford—from thence to Cotesbach—from thence to Cambridge, Ely, Lincoln, York, Durham, & Edinburgh. From the later (about the 24th June) he means to go to Liverpool, & re-embark. He takes with him your Engraving, and the English Engraving of Kenyon College to append to it. Oh! That I had time to write more. He attended the Anniversary of the P. C. Knowledge Society on Tuesday, & there heard, as all did, a public and most Xtian avowal from the Primate of Ireland that he was deliberately of opinion that nothing could ultimately prevent the completion of the present most [?] Reformation in Ireland. Our hearts are more full of this than anything at present, & have been for some months. My dear Wife, who has just come into my room says she would like to add something. Adieu! Your ever most affectionate friend, G.W. Marriott

Letter to Philander Chase



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