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Updates on his travels in Cincinnati; may be starting a church in Dayton and in Hamilton.




Mr. and Mrs. Gibson; Derick Ten Broeck; Mr. Stone; Reverend Johnston; Colonel Biggs; Dr. Reed; Leroy; Worthington College


Cincinnati October 30 1819

My dear Wife:

It’s 42 miles from Columbus to Springfield and nearly in a western direction. The roads were but indifferent especially in the forenoon; yet I rode from the former to the latter place in one day. Whom should I meet on the way at the tavern but Mr. and Mrs. Gibson. The Lady she that was formerly Margaret Ten Broeck of Albany. Her Father Derick T. B. now resides in New York. Mr. Gibson is a LIcentiate of the Presby. or Methodist connexion; I don’t know which. They are travelling thro’ this western country with a child and as many little comforts as they can carry. I dined on Tuesday at Mr. [Gwin’s] 23 m. from Cols and about half past 6 was at Springfield. The next day I rode 25 m. to Dayton and in the evening performed D. Service and gave them a sermon. The morning following Thursday several of the gentleman friendly to the Church called on me about forming a parish which I promised to assist them to do on my return and about 10 o’clock proceeded on my journey and rode 24 miles to T[?] Tavern. The next day Friday rode 20 m. to this place. My arrival seemed to give great pleasure to the Rev. Mr. Johnston and my former friends. I was immediately sent for by Mr. Stone and Family at whose house I am now most comfortably situated writing this. According to appointment of Mr. Johnston I attended D. Service and delivered a lecture in the evening. The same duty is to be performed this evening 10 o’clock P.M. I have been to Church Mr. J. read prayers and I preached the sermon. I feel after a long conversation since service very much fatigued and must bid you good night after telling you that I will not close this letter till the events of tomorrow have [?]ed.

Sunday night - 8 o’clock Oct 31 -

In continuation - We have had [?] service today and very full congregation. The Holy Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper and the Rite of Confirmation have been administered and all things have gone on well. Mr. Johnston and the Congregation of Christ Church will not consent to my leaving Cini till I have spent two Sundays with them and I think I shall comply with their wishes. In the mean time I shall visit Col. Biggs’ settlement where there is a prospect of a Ch. growing up. He has been at [?] today and has seemed much pleased. On my way to Dayton returning I think I shall go by the way of Hamilton where there is some prospect of constituting a parish which with that at Dayton can in process of time, support a clergyman.

Dr. Reed and Leroy have dined this day with me at Mrs. Stone’s where I lodge in company with a number of others. Mr. Johnston with the rest I am very well - very well [?] not that my heart [?] still on thee my dear and best of wives, I should be by reason of great cheerfulness, a good companion for others. But the pleasures of Home spoil me for every other enjoyment. How I long to be with you! I hope Philander my darling Son has returned. If so pray do everything to make him happy till you see your loving

Phil. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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