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Chase gives a detailed log of the people he has dined with and the assistance they have contributed to his cause.


Spring 4-4-1827


Leut. Governour’s Winthrop, Mr. Potter, Mr. Blake, Mr. George Brinley, Mr. Tukerman, Gardiner Green, Mr. Merrill, John Winthrop, Mr. Odius, Mr. & Mrs. Eaton, Mr. Domett, Mr. Tuckerman, Mr. Tracker, Zanesville, Mr. Nash, Miss Bell, Brother Kip, New York, Mrs. Mabbit, Troy, Chillicothe, Mr. Fullertons, Elizabeth Chase, Plea for the West, Boston, Mrs. Parker, Mr. & Mrs. Cutler, Quincy, Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Pickering, Mr. King, Maine, Norway, Mr. Howard, Mr. Mervill, St. Paul's, Ann Putnam, Mr. Jack


Boston Hancock Home

½ past 10 - Wed night

4 April 1827

Dear Wife

I dined this day at the Leut. Governour’s Winthrop’s, present his daughter and four sons D. Gardiner. The Rev. Messrs Potter Blake & This Mr. George Brinley. Mr. Tukerman and Gardiner Green Mr. Merrill and one other gentleman whose name I do not recollect.

The Govr. told me there were 5. ancestors in the distant line between [him] and the first Govr. Winthrop of Massachusetts. He showed me a letter written on board the vessel which brought the writer from Eng. to America signed by John Winthrop.

The conversation was otherwise of little consequence. I came home and wrote till 6 and then went to Mr. Odius in [?] Street where I was hospitably entertained. Mr. & Mrs. Eaton were present.

5th 7. oclock. This day of the state fast I am to preach for the Rev. Mr. Eaton in Christ Church.

11. PM. I have preached & addressed the Sunday school of Ch. Ch., after which called with Eaton or Mr. Domett Brother in lawe to Mr. [Tracker] of Zanesville. Drank tea at Mr. Eatons in company with Mr. Nash & Miss Bell. Came home & found a letter from Brother Kip of NYork giving me the intelligence that Mrs. Mabbit of Troy had given (sent to him) for Kenyon College 122 dollars!! Recd. also a letter from [Col-Bond] of Chillicothe full of kindness.

-- at 7. Went to spend the evining [sic] at Mr. Fullertons. The company was very large ladies and gentlemen. I was requested to give a statement of the proceedings of our came. Much interest is excited. They agreed to have a publick meeting and hear some addresses. Next wednesday is named. How this will succeed time will show. The public mind is ripe for our effort of this nature.

Changed to Thursday

6. Morning called on my dear Niece Elizabeth Chase, attended Church Trinity, being [friday].

11. oclock [P]M. Having obtained a new edition of the appeal, and Plea for the West, I spent a considerable portion of this day in preparing to send them in a paper containing written expression of civility to all who, we think would be likely to contribute to our glorious cause. About 250 have been sent out this day.

At. 3. I went to dine with Gardiner Green the richest man in Boston. His family is numerous and estimable. What he will contribute to the object which brought me hither I know not. He was very civil & attended me to view the Hospital.

I drank tea at Mrs. Parker’s the widow of the Bishop. Many were present among the next Mr. & Mrs. Cutler of Quincy -- I have agreed to spend good Friday with them. If so I shall see your uncle D. Greenleaf.

N.B. I do not begin my collections because I want them to take time and consider the importance of the object: and because they are trying to set up a meeting to hear some speakers on the occasion. May God direct us! Good night.

7. It is now precisely 6. A.M. I have put my self in order & said my prayers for you and the dear Children. Lord hear my [prayers] and let my cry unto thee!! I shall now go to work preparing another 200 of the Pleas.

½ Past 11. P.M I called between 10 & 12 on several gentlemen of different denominations of Christians about the meeting proposed to be holden on Thursday next for the purpose of promoting the Ohio Cause. Mr. [Palpey], & [Wisner] & Dr. [Jesiks], who all agreed to read the notice in their congregations on the morrow (sunday).

At ½ past 2 I dined with Mr. Lloyd with Timothy Pickering & Mr. King of Maine. After dinner I most affectionately & earnestly solicited Mr. Lloyd to take a lead in the meeting on Thursday but he refused alleging that the chairman was obliged in such cases to subscribe liberally which he should not do! I leave it with you to conjecture what my feelings were. Why invite me a second time to dine with him if he had no intention of befriending me? Why tantalize me with his favours? His riches are very great; and he has no child to whom to bequeathe [sic] them Cold as the ice in Norway, his soul is a stranger to the luxury of doing good.

With a bleeding heart I came home & found Mr. Howard & Mr. Fullerton in my room preparing notifications to be read in all the Churches tomorrow, for the meeting on Thursday. I told them of Mr. Lloyd’s conduct. The observed that it was no more than what they had expected, & it did not in the least discourage them.

In the evening I went to see the Borroughs and saw there Ann Putnam. They all treated me with great kindness & when I came away Mr. & Mrs. B, gave me $30!

Sunday morning I arose a little after 5. Mr. Jack my scribe came & took the notification (prepared last evening by Messers Howard, Fullerton & Mervill) to the several ministers, for them to read to their respective congregations.

Sunday night 11. oclock. Preached this morning in Trinity after noon in St. Paul’s & night Mr. Eaton’s dined with Potter. Drank tea at Mr. [Soudens] & [sipped] with Dr. G.

Letter to Sophia Chase



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