Philander Chase



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Recounting how he was cleared of the hair-cutting crime.


Summer 6-29-1795


Dartmouth, expulsion, Noyes


Chase 1795-06-29

Dear Brother,

I’m nothing am I so finely happy as communicating that [?] and know will give pleasure to my friends and [?]-- Therefore the task now is very pleasing. I have heard from Herbert! The news as direct as within eight days. Mr. Billy Phelps saw him at Niagara and dines with him at his brother Deven[?]. He was in good spirits and had good [?]. Was then waiting for Governor [?]’s arrival, that he might get approbated as a [?]-- Then was going to [?] sail on the lake for Detroit about a hundred miles from there--There should undoable[?] by going to the practice [?]. Mr. Phelps said he had the care of about 2 or 3 hundred pounds [?] worth of goods--that Herbet said they were not his--but did not inquire any further. I asked him if H- said anything respecting one of my brothers who was also at the [?]. He said he did not--that perhaps he wrote in this packet of letters which [?] left through a mistake at Whitereek[?] in York which he said would be sent on neither in about 3 weeks as he agreed with a person who was going to North[?] and should return in [?] time-to find and fetch them--I am in a hurry as you can see by my writing--I [?] you to forgive it. Write to me and [?] you and [?] you think about the 2 or 3 pounds. I conjecture this is [?].

Philander Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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