Philander Chase



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Chase describes his meetings with various people in Boston who support his cause. He asks his wife to send more letters.




John Pickering, Boston, Mr. Lloyd, Ben Wiggin, Mr. Casnove, Mrs. Casnove, Mr. Howard, Mr. Fullerton, Mrs. Greenleaf, Thomas Pope, Mr. Mayo, Fanny Chase, Mr. Sparrow, Mr. Tuckerman, Rev. Dr. Beecher, Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter, Dr. Hall, Mr. Crestler, Daniel Greenleaf, Mr. Cutler, Mrs. Clark, Judge Cranch, John Adams, John Quincy Adams


Boston 11th of Apl. 1827.

My dear Wife:

Yesterday I called at 10. to see John Pickering Esq’r Son of Timothy, your old acquaintance. He is a middle aged man (his father is 82) has a very sensible & grave countenance marked by evident trails of deep study and profound condition. He re’d me graciously & soon commenced the inquiry which I wished respecting the object which brought me to Boston. The conversation was long and I believe to him most satisfactory. The result was that he approved of my measures and object and would advocate the cause in the approaching meeting. What pleasure this gave me I leave with you to judge Mr. Lloyd thro’ a fear that his [purse] will be called on to disburse some of its rusty dollars, and Mr [Wester] in trembling apprehension that he will be called a churchman if he advocate my cause have left me: & if I had none else to depend on how sad would be my lot! Blessed be God I am not forsaken tho’ I be cast down. His almighty [arm] is under me and I need not fear. The meeting will take place. For it I have been preparing a new address. Parts of yesterday, last night and of this morning’s leisure I have devoted to it and my scribe is now copying it in a fair hand. I dined with Mrs Greenleaf yesterday prest. Mr & Mrs B Wiggin & Mr & Mrs Casnove. Northing said of Ohio. for fear!!! I drank tea at home. This morning Mr B. Howard & Mr Fullerton called full of joyful expectation about the meeting. Some great man, they say will preside & in expectation of fine speaking & much good feeling the whole city – the intelligent part at least will press to be there. This in them may be the effects of good wishes and a warm heart in a great measure. But I have real hopes of a numerous meeting and of a beneficial result. May God overrule all things for his own glory.

¾ Past Two. I called this morning on several: came home at one and found a card left by Thomas Pope of N Bedford saying that his wife was at Mr Mayo’s in Sheep’s Lane [?] Major St. I went immediately to see them. [Many] were out but as it was near their dinner I waited & they soon came in. He is quite deaf but she is a brisk fine woman and loves Fanny excessively. Is dreadfully afraid she will (now she is married) never see her again wanted me to tell her what kind of a looking [?]

The Rev. Mr Sparrow was [?] [?] re’d my answer to her first she wrote me a second by Mr Pope urging me most vehemently to come and see her. I trust God will permit me to have that pleasure. My dinner time 3. at Mr Tuckerman’s is nearly come, and I must go.

11. P.M. The dinner at Mr Tuckerman’s was most pleasant. The Rev Dr. Beecher & Mr & Mrs Potter Dr Hall and one other gentleman beside Mr & Mrs T. were present. The conversation was full and free about Ohio. I drank coffee with the Ladies and went to the meeting which was conducted with great spirit and decorum. Many speeches were made and many good things were said in favour of Ohio. You will see the whole in the newspapers of Friday; which I shall take care to send you. I thank God & take courage. Good night Dear Wife!

Day before Easter

Saturday 12 o clock

On Thursday I went with the Rev. Mr. [Crestler] to [Quincy] according to promise to officiate in the little Church in that Village. On our way we called to see your Uncle Daniel Greenleaf. (By the by it was quite late having dined in Town at Mr. S. Codman.) Both Uncle and Aunt were glad to see me on your acct. which made me stay and take tea with them. Mr Cutler came for me about 9. and I went to his house and stayed all night. Mrs C. is a woman of uncommon sweetness of manners and goodness of character. She has with her Mrs [?] the woman of the house & Mrs Clark (niece to the President of the U States.) In the morning I went over to see Uncle John Greenleaf and Aunt the Sister to Judge Cranch. They re’d me [letter cut off here] and made many inquiries about you to Fanny. [Letter cut off here] went to Church Mr Cutler having gone to Boston to preach for [letter cut off here] I don’t know how Uncle John liked the Sermon for it was strictly a good friday’s sermon – i.e. on the Atonement much of it ex tempore. Unc. Dan. did not come to Service – but his carriage & himself appeared a few minutes after Church was out to carry Uncle John & Aunt & myself to his house: We all went & spent the remainder of the day very pleasantly. Uncle and John went away about sundown to Uncle Daniel and myself walk up to see Thomas Greenleaf Esqr brother to Uncle D’s wife. We passed the house the residence of Jh. Adams the former President now the property of his son John Quincy Adams. How soon does the shining of human greatness pass away! Will it be so with heavenly glory all deficient in Good sense. I came back and saw the distant lighthouse to warn the Mariner. May God erect some beacon to warn me of danger!

I staid all night with Uncle Danl. & at ½ past 8 came off with him to Boston. On entering the room I cannot describe to you the disappointment I experienced at not finding any letters from you my dear blessed wife. I went to Chh came home & wrote this

Farewell, your faithful Hus’d P Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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