Philander Chase



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Chase tells his wife about his meetings with various peoples in Boston and asks her to send him more frequent letters.




Mr. Morse, Committee of Arrangements, Mr. Ripley, Mr. Bartlett, Mr. Casnove, Ben Wiggin, Hopkinton, Mr. Tuckerman


Boston 9th of April, 1827.

My dear Wife:

The inclosed paper of dates has little higher value than barely to tell you that I am alive. I finished the sheet last night as I came home tired with labours of the day. So tired was I, that sleep was an uneasy [?].

This morning has been consumed in consulting with the Committee of Arrangements. The prospects brighten as to the success of the meeting which on acct: of the Bible Society’s meeting on Thursday is to take place on Wednesday. BUt more of this when I can speak with certainty.

I re’d a letter from the Rev Mr. Morse of Newbury Port urging me in the strongest terms to come there: & says that Mr Bartlett wants to see me!! This looks well. I have returned for answer that “if the Lord will” his request to see me shall be complied.

I saw Mr. Ripley of Worthington in Christ Ch: last night. We spoke but a few words together in the crowd of company. I learned that he was well.

I am to dine today with Mr. [Casnove] for the 2d. time. Ben Wiggin the [?] of Mrs. Casnove remains as yet inexorable. His disposition to give is sufficiently satisfied by having contributed $1,000 to the building of a Church in Hopkinton. N.H.

Some people after having eaten a small breakfast have no appetite for a dinner. Does this indicate a healthy or an unhealthy constitution?

I am to dine on Wednesday with Mr Tuckerman, one of our richest Bostonians.

I am much disappointed in not receiving any letters from you of late. My whole heart is with you. In public and in private with friends & with foes. Walk or nothing, by day and by night sleeping and waking my thoughts are upon you and the dear Children which God hath given us. Were it not for a full persuasion that it is God’s will I should be thus in exile from you: nothing but impossibilities could keep me from flying to you, my dear wife and best beloved of all earthly things.

I shall after visiting the east go to see Susan & Charlotte

Your faithful & loving Hus’d, P Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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