Philander Chase



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Fragment of a letter in which Chase recalls who he has dined with recently and quotes an invitation that he received from a new subscriber.


Spring 4-3-1827


Mrs. Bory, France, Mr. W., Mr. Casnove, Mr. & Mrs. Ben Wiggin, Portsmouth, Newbury Port, Boston, Mr. Sparrow


Mission -- Saw there Mrs. Bory whose son is in France.

Had much conversation on the subject of Kenyon College.

¼ past 7. Went see Mr. W. again from home, went thence to Mr. Casnove’s, saw there [?] Mr. & C. Mr. & Mrs. Ben Wiggin. came home at 9 heartily tired… are you not tired with this monotonous [?] of dates? If you are not Dear Wife I am & shall write no more such stuff.

Mr. Nash says things look bright at Portsmouth and NewBury Port. I wish they did here. But I am not dismayed for my trust is in God.

4th Ap. A gentleman called in this morning and spoke to this effect. “Bp. C. I call to invite you to my home on Thursday evening, and am happy to inform you that after having conversed with all even the most cold and indifferent part of the community of our Ch. in Boston, I am fully of opinion & am authorized to say from them that your wishes will be granted in getting an ample subscription in Boston.” N.B. I am very thankful to God for this and desire that Mr. Sparrow may pray & thank God for his most loving Brother and your faithful & loving Husd. PChase.

Letter to Sophia Chase



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