Philander Chase



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Chase thanks his brother for his support and asks for his prayers. He also updates him on the excellent progress made in Boston, having distributed more than 500 Appeals.


Spring 3-31-1827


Mr. Cotton, J.B., Leut. Gov. Winthrop, Gardiner Green, Lloyd, Boston, Appeals, Aunt Denison, May Batchelor, Mrs. Russel


Boston 31 Mar. 1827

Dear Brother,

I have this moment inclosed your most kind letter about Mr. Cottons nephew to J.B. [Wood] [Eogr.] of Providence who is my particular friend of who with his most excellent & Christian wife, I have no doubt will immediately attend to the very melancholy yet very interesting matter there in so feelingly [desscribed] and judiciously arranged. Dear Brother: how sincerely I love you for the interest you take in the cause of humanity and the care you manifest in binding up the wounds of the afflicted. May God prolong your days than to be a long & lasting blessing to your day and generation. Do pray for me that may imitate your good example on the right principle that of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and love to his holy Character. Ask your good wife and our good sisters to pray for me also that my every motive may made pure from sin by the cleansing efficacy of the blood of Jesus!

The cause which brought me to Boston is gaining ground every day.

When this is evidently the case I ought not to be in a hurry. God gives me grace in the eyes of the great men of the City. Leut. Gov. Winthrop Gardiner Green & your Friend Lloyd have all called on me am to dine with the last mentioned today & with Gov. Winthrop on wednesday next.

Above 500 Appeals have been distributed among those who as supposed to take an interest in the cause. Appearances are quite in our favour at the present. We have not as yet begun to circulate the subscription book [?] commence soon [?] however have been sent in.

Do let me hear something more about what is said among you. I want to hear of you by word of mouth. Give my love to them all. Tell them that I say they seem to forget me tho’ so near them. Tell Aunt Denison that I say I am quite angry at her silence. Tell May Batchelor I love her dearly and wish it were so she could live with us. But the work I fear would be too hard for her: it almost kills my wife and Mrs. Russel. May God direct us & give us all patience! Your loving & faithful Brother

~Philander Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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