Letter to Dudley Chase


Letter to Dudley Chase


Philander Chase



While in Sutton, Chase stayed with Aunt March, which brought to his mind a lot of childhood memories. He also traveled to Oxford with Mr. Wilkinson to dine with Mr. Slater, who donated $100 to the College.


Winter 3-18-1827


Sutton Village, Aunt March, Mr. Wilkinson, Mr. Goodwin, Oxford, Mr. Tappan, Aunt Molly, Mr. Welman, Mr. Slater, Kenyon College, Boston


Send the inclosed to my wife

18 of March 1827

Dear Brother

I am now in Sutton, have been to see Aunt March Chase where I staid last night. This place for about a mile now has been converted into a factory ground owned primarily by Mr. Wilkinson of whom I spoke in my last. I am to preach tomorrow for Mr. Goodwin the Episl. Minister -- for you must know that the Lord of the Manor Mr. W is a strong Churchman and maintains the minister at his own expense. Today I went over to Oxford We passed thro old Sutton Village: and in doing so had many a story, told in my youthful days brought to my mind. Old [parson] Hall Uncle March: Tappan March Aunt Molly &c. (Mr. Welman I believe he was of [cornish] growth) were brought to my mind.

It fairly smote my mind with holy awe and awakened thoughts which I can not express to be told by Aunt March that I had sle[pt] in the very room in which our Father grandfather and perhaps our great grandfather were born. O how short and effervescent is human life when three or four generations are summoned up in so small a compass as our little smoky room!

But I have diverged from my story I went into a [gigg] with Mr. Wilkinson to Oxford to see Mr. [Slater], the rich man. With him and his good wife I dined, & told them all about the kindness of their countrymen to Kenyon College. When I came away he gave me $100. And --- what? --- Some hopes that he will follow the example of Mr. A Tappan!!

Tomorrow I shall preach to allow relations far and near, and on Monday set off for Boston. Where I trust write you again. Love to all --

Always your loving Brother

Phr. Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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