Philander Chase



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Chase discusses subscriptions as well as the box of books which has not yet arrived and which Mr. Sparrow desperately needs at the school.




Mr. Bacon, Mr. Nash, Philadelphia Apparatus, Mr. Sheets, Mrs. Allen, Intrepid Morse, Mr. Robins, Wheeling, Zanesville, Seth Adams, Joel Buttles, Mr. Sparrow


N York

Feb 5. 1827.

Reverend and Dr. Brother:

We have, on due deliberation, concluded that it is best for Mr. Bacon to go the southward: whither it is now morally certain I cannot go before late in the spring.

He will show you what we have done by way of an outfit: and I do intreat you and all the good Friends in Phil’a. to give him all the advice and other facilities in your power.

I intend to go to Baltimore myself: therefore Mr Bacon’s path will be among the Friends in Maryland Virginia &c. But you can advise him much better than I: so I will say no more.

I was disappointed in not receiving from good Mr. Nash the Catalogue of the Phil Apparatus noting what had been obtained & what was necessary yet to have. If I knew what we have and what we must have perhaps I might get something in this city on the score of donation.

I feel very grateful for the additional subscriptions in your noble City & vicinity. May God pour down his choicest blessings on you all. Tell Mr Sheets I most heartily thank him for his christian exertions in favour of Kenyon College.

Tell Mrs. Allen and all the good Ladies who befriended me in Philadelphia how much I am their and your grateful Friend

Phi’r. Chase

Rev. Mr. B. Allen

P.S. Mr. Morse writes he has seen nothing of the boxes of books &c

Pray see Mr. Robins immediately. If he have not already forwarded them request him ot order them to be forwarded to Wheeling and thence order them to Zanesville care of Seth Adams or to Columbus care of Joel Buttles (I would prefer the latter if any waggons be going clean thro’) as soon as may be.

Mr. Sparrow is in great very great need of the books &c. Ask Mr Robins to see about it very soon: and much oblige his grateful friend


Letter to Benjamin Allen



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