William Sparrow



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Mr. Sparrow asks about a box of books for the school, which is missing but desperately needed. He also discusses Chase's progress and the reactions of other Bishops.




Philander Chase, Steubenville, Recorder, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Onderdonk, Mr. Meller, Mrs. Morse


Worthington Feb.y. 1827.

Rev and Dear Sir

About the time I received your kind letter by the boys, you had doubtless received something in the shape of a letter from me. To this I have been some time expecting an answer now that the hurry of Xtmas is over, especially as it contained one subject on which we are extremely desirous of intelligence – the books for the school. If you know anything at all about them do write immediately & relieve our minds. Those intended for the students are needed very much – the want of them is really retarding their progress, and there some amongst them for my individual use which I am extremely anxious to obtain. The Bp. wrote us about the middle of Dec. that he had sent them on to be conveyed from Steubenville to this place by Mr [Well’s] [?] & this is the last we have heard about them. I fear they may be either lost or wet, which is almost as bad.

The progress of our Bishop you have learned from the Recorder. When he wrote last he was in Brooklyn – in the suburbs of Nineveh that great city, feeling I doubt not some of Jonah reluctance to enter it. But he writes you I doubt not.

He is going to employ a Mr Fuller as a professor in the Seminary: do you know anything of him?

The objection started by Mr Onderdonk to your simple “God Speed” is of apiece with the rest of his conduct & only added to my disgust at the impertinence of these “ultras” as the Bp. calls them. It is clear to me that there is a genuine papistical spirit of aggrandizement in New York and that her Diocesan would [fain] be another Papa if he could. It is for the Churches throughout the Union to decide whether he shall have the power.

As to Mr Meller I hope his paper will not circulate in Ohio while he continues to give us the cold shoulder as he does. At all events Mr Bedell has now a claim upon our patronage which no other editor can present & I do hope that something will be done to show our gratitude. He is one of the “Radicals” to be sure, but it is worthy of observation by the church new of Ohio that it is new of his sentiments that we are indebted for all our present prosperity & future prospects both in England & this country.

I must conclude hoping you will give this a prompt reply & if not disagreeable, touch upon the subjects attended to in my last. My best respects to Mrs Morse & those of Mr Wells’ family with whom [?] have the pleasure of an acquaintance. Ever I remain Rev & dear Sir your sincere friend & affectionate Brother in Xt.

Mr Sparrow

Letter to Intrepid Morse



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