Philander Chase



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Chase updates his wife on current subscriptions and potential students for the College. He also delivers specific messages for each of his children, whom he misses very much.


Winter 1-28-1827


Mr. Dexter Potter, Mr. Sparrow, Dr. Milnor, Rev. Mr. Allen, Philadelphia, Mr. Twells, New York, Ohio, Sarah, Dudley, Henry Chase, Mary Chase, Mrs. Russel, Walter, Mr. Wing, Philander, Mr. L. Kip


My Dear Wife:

Mr. Dexter Potter will be the bearer of this. He goes to enter our school and be subject to Mr. Sparrow’s direction in all things. He is to be maintained by the exertions of the pious of the City. No doubt is entertained of the piety of the young man as appears by the testimony of Dr. Milnor and many other. I sincerely hope that his head may prove as sound as his heart is believed to be good.

A letter addressed to the Rev. Mr. Allen of Philadelphia goes with Mr. Potter for him to take charge of Mr. Twells’ two sons. I have requested that Mrs. Twells should advance money for the boys expenses and deliver it to Mr. Potter; who is to [acct.] to you. I hope the boys may behave well & give you as little trouble as possible. Their great attachment to me while in Philadelphia I consider as quite singular. By their friends accounts it was considered as sincere; and laid the foundation of their wish & of their mother’s consent that they should go tot Ohio. I do hope that they may obey Mr. Sparrow & the other teachers; and prove themselves worthy [of] the numerous and most respectable friends they will have left in Phila.

I wish Mr. Sparrow may see this letter especially if I do not find time to write him separately. Our Subscriptions in N.York amount to about $1100. Perhaps double that sum may be raised. Whatever may be the acct. When we shall [had] done all we can will be the right sum because that will be the sum which God willeth us to have.

I wish you would say something to the Children from their Father.

Tell them that I grieve to be thus separated from them for so long a time: but that I do not love them the less because I am away. I think of them and pray for them continually: especially that God may make them good and dutiful meek & humble & modest: that He would shed abroad His love in their hearts making them to love their maker and Saviour & to take great delight in saying their prayers and in reading the bible & such good books as their Mother & aunt may tell them to read.

Tell Sarah that she is a daughter unto me: and I entreat her to pray often for God’s grace to sanctify her heart, and make her delight in fervent prayer. Tell her and Dudley to write me a letter each one and inclose to their Uncle Dudley.

Tell Henry that his uncles and aunts here desire much to hear a good acct. of him that he learns his book and strives to please his mother and aunt and Dear Mrs. Russel. Tell him that God sees all he does hears all his words and knows all he thinks (and that) therefore let Henry J. Chase strive always to please God. If he feels unable to please him let Henry pray that God would forgive and bless him and give him strength to do things pleasing in His sight.

Tell Mary that being my only daughter it would break my heart and bring me to the grave if I were to hear that she is naughty in any respect. Let then a desire of pleasing me lead her to God her Heavenly Father and Him strive to please above all things. Tell her to pray God to give her a heart to love him above all things.

Tell Walter that his Relations all think of him and pray for him. Tell him that I do hope he has begun, thro’ the teaching and advice of Mr. Sparrow and Mr. Wing. to take & see how good the Lord is. Tell him to read the Bible and pray while he reads it that God would bless it to his benefit.

Now what have I today to Dear Dear little Philander? Kiss him many [times] for me, and tell him that if [he] be a good boy -- learn his book and say his prays God will bless him, & his father will love him.

If you, dear Wife, ask when I am coming home. I answer “I don’t know.”

Wherever I am I am more & more

Your loving & faithful


Phr. Chase

Mr. L. Kip’s N.York

Jan 2[$] 1827.

To Mrs. S. M. Chase

P.S. Mr. Kip this morning gave me new Broad Cloth Cloak with this note

“A small offering to keep the cause of Kenyon College warm” from L. Kip”

Letter to Sophia Chase



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